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What is to be beautiful and healthy?

Creams, lotions, cosmetologist, and then and plastic surgeon We make so many efforts to look young and attractive, but it is possible to achieve it much more simply. It is enough to pay attention to what we eat. Correctly picked up products can bring much more benefit, than cosmetic procedures.

Almonds Will help to look

more young
. It contains a lot of vitamin E which is an indispensable component of creams from wrinkles. In it there is a lot of also fatty acids which nourish and moisten skin, and selenium antioxidant. Just whole beauty shop in one small nutlet! But consider that nuts very kaloriyna so in day there will be quite enough handful.

Healthy nails Eat with

many proteins, and your nails will be strong and brilliant. Chicken breasts, a turkey, a tuna and haricot - tasty sources of proteins.

The shining hair

the Food rich with vitamin B - an excellent way to turn dim hair into brilliant. Eggs, milk, green vegetables and fowl contain a large amount of vitamin B. In order that hair were elastic, healthy and shining, silicon is important. Sources of this mineral - crude porridge, a cucumber skin, onions and green beans.

We fight against dryness of skin

Skin dry and it is shelled? Try to prepare fish for lunch. The fish containing a lot of fat, for example, a trout or a salmon with a large number an omega - 3 fatty acids which perfectly moisten skin is especially useful to skin and look after her.

Spots and eels

Were tired to wipe skin with lotions from which all the same there is no sense? Add to a diet more zinc and calcium. The Swedish scientists established that patients in whose diet there were many products containing zinc within three months got rid of 85% of eels. It is a lot of zinc in seafood, oysters, a turkey, eggs and milk. All know that calcium is necessary for bones, but it will also help to get off annoying heat-spots. To clear your skin, use more milk, low-fat cheese and yogurt.

Down with wrinkles

Vitamin C takes part in collagen synthesis, and the more collagen, the your skin is more elastic, and wrinkles are formed much more slowly. One kiwi contains day norm of this vitamin. It is a lot of vitamin C also in hips, a cauliflower, red sweet pepper. And here in a citrus, contrary to a popular belief, it is less of it.

White teeth

All know that coffee and tea give to teeth a yellowish raid, and sweet leads to caries. But there are products operating exactly the opposite. Apples and a celery will help to clear and bleach your teeth. So do not forget to eat apple for a dessert!

Farewell, dark circles and bags under eyes

If at you they are, perhaps, it is connected with a lack of vitamin C and iron. Try to make chicken breasts (a lot of iron) with red or yellow sweet pepper, add onions and garlic, and receive a low-calorie and tasty dish. And as a result you will get rid also of circles under eyes.

The shining skin you Want

that skin looked fresh and healthy? Drink a lot of water. It sounds is banal, but - the absolute truth. Water washes away toxins and moistens skin, helping it to look young, shining and elastic.


are substances which fight with the free radicals destroying healthy cells. Antioxidants will help not only with fight against aging, but also will prevent many serious diseases, for example, warmly - vascular or a cancer of skin. Tomatoes contain three antioxidants - a beta - carotene, vitamin C and lycopene. Fresh or tinned tomatoes or tomato juice - choose that is pleasant to you more. For the best result add to dishes from tomatoes of a little olive oil which promotes digestion of lycopene.

Good luck are also beautiful!