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The gay - diving or the list of the most comfortable places in the world for occupations by diving of

we present In this article to your attention the review and the description of the best places for diving where for the gay - communities the favorable atmosphere, both on the land, and in water is created.


Covered with coconut palm trees the island Samuy - third largest in Thailand. There is the only diving in all country - the center for LGBT. Iridescent diving - the club suits trips to the silent Gulf of Thailand around Koch Tao`s island (it still call the island of turtles) and on the North - to well-known the Sail - the rock. There it is possible to see how through openings in the rock jambs of plataks float (them fishes - bats still call) and huge perches and if carries - that and as whale sharks eat plankton. The gay - a party on the island Samuy undoubted less rough, than on the next Phuket (about 40 minutes by plane). All entertainments for gays to Samuy are concentrated on east coast around the beach Chaveng. Including the 5th remarkable the gay - bars and elite man`s Spa.


the Island of Curacao is the center of the Netherlands Antilles of the Caribbean Sea. We entered this island in our list not only thanks to its most interesting reeves and ruins from the point of view of diving, but also as the only official place for the gay - tourism in all Caribbean Sea. Friendly LGBT - the operator “ Ocean Encounters “ is on Hugo - east coast of Underwater Park Curacao, it in only five minutes from night the gay - " club; Willemstad’s late “. In the western part there is the gay`s lodge the Kura of Huland from whom in 100 feet there is a reef filled with fish. There frequent tours to extremely beautiful landscape of firm corals of the Mushroom Wood are conducted. Look for closed the gay - excursions? Then you should address to " firm; Alyson Adventures “. In such gay - only excursions specializes this company.

The Great Barrier Reef

Welcome to the biggest underwater review on the earth! The Great Barrier Reef is entered even in the list of world heritage. Extent of a reef reaches 1 400 miles along the Queensland coast of Australia. 400 types of corals, rare green turtles, huge mollusks and 1500 kinds of fishes live in the Great Barrier Reef. In the north of aside Tropical Pyramids, there is a housing which is in property of the gay. There it is possible to look at beauty of Pyramids, and also the town which is in the neighbourhood the Hall Code. The South is presented smart the night gay - the program. Besides, in the south there is the most beautiful and favourite many a reef of the Island of the Heron. Many diving - clubs annually bring together groups of gays for travel to the Great Barrier Reef.

Volcanic rocks and rice plantations with which the Hindu enclave in the Indonesian archipelago - the island of Bali is rich are perfectly supplemented with Bali

positive the relations to the gay - to community. “ Iridescent “ immersions will be organized in the form of an underwater safari from the coast to the coast. It includes in particular survey of the sunken vessel of an era of World War II which is lower than 10,308 - the foot mountain Agang, and also underwater travel around the island of Noosa - Penida. There from June to November it is possible to meet Fish - the moon which the look reminds prehistoric sea monsters. It is possible to stop in the urbanized South where all opportunities for communication with kvir - Seminyak`s community are given. The most favourite places of locals and visitors is “ Q Bar “ and “ Kudos “ that is in the downtown.


B of Kone who is filled in with the sun of the Hawaiian island is available about 80 places for immersion, and to go to them only 15 - 20 minutes from the coast. " company; Kona Honu Divers “ which specialize in LGBT, can offer excursions to places, amazing on beauty, where dolphins live, eels are dragons and the stiffened lava is visible. But one of unique services of this place - immersion after a sunset and swimming with huge slopes “ sea devils “ in Kakhaluu`s gulf to the South from the main town of Kailua - the Game. “ " Mask; - the only official gay - bar outside Honolulu. Pleasantly surprises that on the beach there is a huge number of the boarding houses belonging to persons, nonconventional sexual orientation.