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About what are silent hours of the grandfather ? Still you know nothing

about hours of the grandfather ? Then we will tell that they were born in America, have the German roots and never were in China. So, and whose grandfather?

Hours of the grandfather - a literal translation from phrase English Grandfather clock . Actually is sentry term. It is used, so far as concerns a floor, mechanical clock up to 2 meters high. Models of the famous watchmaker of Howard Miller 611 - 015 and 611 - 082 get under these criteria. Here we also found grandfather .

of Who is Howard Miller?

in Germany the beautiful mountainous area - Schwarzwald Is. It is known for two things. Schwarzwald is considered the homeland of the well-known cherry cake with whipped cream and is the hour capital of Germany or even Europe. With certain reservations, of course. Several centuries make a floor and wall clock there.

In Schwarzwald Howard, the founder of the hour empire of Howard Miller comprehended subtleties of hour business. After training he went to America in 1926 where he opened own production. The foundation laid by him turned out such strong that did not give for 84 years of any crack. Eras and the governments, fashion and requirements of people changed, and hours of Howard Miller were and are in demand. Why?

, How many years to the oldest hours of Howard Miller and whether there are they?

Incomparable skill. Unsurpassed quality. Continuous search of perfection - motto of the Howard Miller company. And whether so it actually?

Today Howard Miller possess two furniture companies and Kieninger firm. What is she famous for? There is a set of the Chinese firms which release mechanisms for interior hours, and only two (!) the European - Hermle and Kieninger. Kieninger is considered the most prestigious, and there is it, of course, in Schwarzwald. As you can see, in hours of Howard Miller the best mechanisms tick.

In the first years of foundation Howard Miller`s company let out only a wall clock. Several copies lived in private collections up to now. Only present, to hours more than 80 - ti years, and they go with a nuclear accuracy! It seems that the motto of the company - not a so empty phrase.

That the general at the Howard Miller 611 - 015 and Howard Miller 611 - 082 models?

In appearance, seemingly, unlike models of hours. However externally they are united by harmony in design: everything is logical, thin also with taste.

For model 611 - the 015th sketches were created by Chris Berzhelin - the famous designer of furniture. The watch case is manufactured of 16 breeds of a tree. The grandson of the founder of the famous furniture company Robert Bergelin Company used cherry, red and an ebony, a root of the Russian nut, a maple, sweet cherry, a magnolia, a beech, the English plane tree, a box, a pear, a hevea, a movenga, paduak, Ava - Deere, an aningra. The surface of hours is trimmed by an interline interval of Windsor cherry. Chris worked each trifle - it is felt even at a glance for hours. The case - with a set of carved details. The dial - stamping, from the polished copper, with the Arab figures on a silver background. In the center - an insert from cut glass. The copper pendulum in the form of lira with the same insert continues a subject. A case form - without bends.

What you will not tell about model 611 - 082. These hours - entirely from smooth lines. Soft, streamline design. The dial - copper, with an internal wooden ring in tone to the case. In the center of the dial the insert from cut glass is located. And the same insert - in the center of a pendulum.

of the Howard Miller 611 - 015 and Howard Miller 611 - 082 Model have much in common:

Collected manually , so, through tens and one hundred years they will look just as now.

Are highlighted from within that occurs only at the American floor watch. Model 611 - 015 has even double lighting: cut glass of the dial and a pendulum is highlighted. And that bright light did not irritate eyes, glass of the case was made opaque.

Sound by voices of the known cathedrals of England. Hours reproduce fight of Westminster, St. Michael`s, Whittington. To hear these pacifying melodies, it is optional to go for thousands of kilometers. It is enough to wait for the beginning of new hour.

Strongly stand on a floor - are supplied with the mechanism which adapts under roughnesses of a surface.

And still they are able to turn the room - into the house, quarrel - in reconciliation, fatigue - in energy. Because any situation is discharged by noble fight. These hours inspire force and tranquility. They - the certificate that the moment is fleeting, and confidence and judiciousness are eternal. These hours did with such love that now they load with desire to move further.

The description of models in the AllTime catalog . ru : floor watch of Howard Miller 611 - 015 and 611 - 082.