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Round to the Czech Republic and round to Europe is almost synonyms of

If to ask a question that for us Europe tour, then we, most likely, will answer that it is round to the Czech Republic. Well, or as a last resort Central Europe tour. There are also other countries, but without the Czech Republic and Prague any trip to Europe will seem incomplete and imperfect. Therefore so many Europe tours start from the capital of the Czech Republic. And for this reason when developing the routes we as a strong point from the very beginning chose the city of Prague in the Czech republic in the heart of Europe.

What is Europe tour?

First of all should define that the tourist plans to receive for the money. What kind of activity it puts in the concept Europe tour or trip to Europe ? Answers can be the most various as kinds of activity of the person are various.

Therefore rounds to Europe (rounds to the Czech Republic, rounds to Germany, rounds to Austria, ring rounds etc.) can be excursion, fact-finding, educational, educational, business - rounds, a shop - rounds etc. of

Excursion rounds. It is the most widespread type of rounds on Europe and the most demanded. And here Czech Republic tours and rounds with start from the Czech Republic, from our point of view, are as the most interesting, and the most optimum from the majority of the points of view. Rounds to Prague mean acquaintance to the capital of the Czech Republic, and also a possibility of accession of excursion programs to other cities of the Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary, Kutna Hora, Cesky Krumlov, Telch, Brno, etc.) excursions in locks of the Czech Republic (Karlstein, Czech Shternberk, Lednitsa, Valtitsa, Krshivoklat, Konopiste, Is deep over Vltava), and also excursions on natural sights (Adershpakh, Koneprusa, the Czech Switzerland, the Czech America). Ring Czech Republic tours allow to get acquainted with history, culture and the nature of this country in more comfortable mode providing stops in the cities of a route on sightseeing tours and on a lodging for the night. Excursion tours across several states of Europe with start from Prague also have ring character. The list of routes across Europe constantly extends. In a whole all Europe from the center in which there is the Czech Republic, to the periphery, to such countries as France, Italy, Spain connects. The most demanded at the moment is Europe tour European ring with visit of the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. During this round on it is central - to the European countries tourists visit Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, spending 2 days in each of the three first capitals. It appears quite enough for initial acquaintance to three capitals of the empire Gabsburgov. Acquaintance to Europe is impossible without Germany. In a line of rounds European ring there is of course also a round connecting Germany with the neighboring Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. During this Central Europe tour there is an acquaintance to Bavaria, its capital of Munich and the most known locks of this German earth: Noyshvanshtayn and Hoenshvangau, and also accession to a route of magnificent Austrian Salzburg. All this belongs to Europe bus tours. If there is an expansion of geography, then it is necessary to resort to more mobile transport. And then there are excursion Europe tours with visit of Paris and Rome. But the principle remains to constants - Europe tour has to start from Prague.