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How to turn English into the second language?

How to learn to talk in English so that from teeth jumped aside? To what courses to go according to what textbooks to be engaged? Why those who live abroad can learn English for half a year, and at school learn foreign languages for 10 years? However. if you read our earlier articles and our blog, or investigated a question of learning of foreign language more deeply, then know that even living in the language environment experience difficulties with assimilation of foreign.

So, again and again before school students and solid adults there is a question - how to start talking a foreign language? Also it is desirable quicker, with a minimum of expenses of forces and time.

To master English, all conditions - the mass of techniques, communicative approaches, interactive classes - everything that the soul will wish are created today. French and German cannot brag of such variety yet.

But abundance generates myths and difficulties with definition - what technique to choose? Someone speaks, there is nothing better than the Soviet textbooks, someone - the adherent of the British communicative approaches. And here still achievements of domestic erudites in the field of storing of words and offers. In what direction to move?

In - the first, the fact from which anywhere studying of English will demand both forces, and time not to get to -. Therefore you should not deceive yourself and to think that the miracle technique will help to remember several thousands of words in a day and for few weeks will teach to talk. To talk only people because language is a means of communication between people can teach. And the knowledge foreign is not just a hang-up in the questionnaire at employment, and the tool by means of which it is possible to understand natives from other tribe .

The technique which can be chosen only helps to seize the instrument of communication. If studying of language is a travel, then the technique is a guide who says where it is worth going first of all and where - in the last what to pay attention to and that is not important yet.

Therefore, choosing this or that technique of training in language, it is worth understanding that it is only the card. And it is necessary to pass a way all the same independently - with stops, clamber uphill, descents, and pleasure from contemplation of again conquered peaks. And correctly developed course does this process by more effective and, one may say, easier. Lungs - because manage to avoid many mistakes, and the teacher can answer the arising question. Unless it is not wonderful?

But - there is one more nuance - at different techniques different requirements. Therefore, choosing how to study, it is worth wondering - and whether it suits me? And if approaches - then to be engaged and be engaged. And if does not approach - to move off in further searches.

Here is how one student speaks about the experience of search of a course of English:

I learn language many years, practically since the childhood, but as it appeared, I cannot talk as I would like. And then I went to courses, was occupied month - and understood that I was bribed by habitualness of occupations - as at school. It also was a mistake. We sorted texts, tried to retell them, learned some words - all uselessly. In a month to me there arrived the brother from Canada, and we still could not speak in English. I began to look for something else. Then to me it is not clear yet - that. But, having come to an introduction lesson of a course of the English Applied Education, I understood that it is necessary for me! For all occupation (probably, hour one and a half) we talked, listened, managed even to play. It was so cheerful, and the main thing - is effective that I, without deliberating, went to this course. Now I can communicate in English much quicker and I know a set of new words. But the most joyful - when the brother came last time - he was simply surprised. I will continue to study! .

Conversation in a foreign language was the purpose of this student. Therefore, having seen the occupation filled with conversation - in English, she saw that it suits it. Really, to learn to talk - it is necessary to train all the time. There are more or less effective ways to do it. But all communicative techniques are constructed on conversation. Only conversation helps to remove a language barrier, helps to get used to listen and understand the foreign speech, and only continuous practice of a spoken language helps to increase its level.

Of course, there is one more important skill - ability to listen. But - surprising business - than more time you repeat the word or the offer independently, it is easier for that to distinguish it aurally even if this word or offer will be said with unusual accent. Therefore - there is more conversation - more practice - more confidence and abilities to understand and speak. It is the fastest and pleasant way to turn English into the second language.

You already cannot wait to begin to communicate and learn English behind interesting conversation? Register in a free introduction lesson of a course of colloquial English! Here do not learn English, here in it speak and think!

Aleksandra Zharikova,

teacher of a course of English

of Applied Education