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Whether there can be simple people healthy?

Hi all! Yesterday returned from SPb - participated in 2 - m the National congress of valueology. Zapechalilo me (when looked haughtily and it is far ) the future of fight for health simple (so-so and poorly educated, so-so and low-reasonable irrespective of education) people... it is unlikely the real valeological and medical Forces together with Government can make something acceptable in Russia now and in the future. The nonsense - National Institute of Health does not get any financial support of the state!!!

Not from that party and not with that intensity and forces goes war with diseases and dullness of the people... No congresses, valeological books, articles, theses will change almost anything, will not begin yet (and it will never begin!) the difficult, laborious, exhausting and patient and persistent war with primitive (material, but not spiritual) consciousness of these people! Strategy of Total War with the Unhealthy Way of Life (UWL) of these people together with Total promotion and propaganda of ZOZh in all mass media with a personal example of all Improving Structures has to be developed, beginning from valeolog on this congress (and health at them not the best - on appearance) and finishing the top management of the countries and regions.

at the same time has to be declared long-term Total (better - eternal) war of the Decomposing Entropy of mass media: video - and to a printing pornography, smoking, alcoholism, a sadism. to homosexuality etc. of

A it would mean Lethal War with Crime which eats on all this and feeds up (buys) the power local and state!

Is real it perhaps??? It is improbable! Some shifts, some small improvement, some single and locally weak methods, can be, but no more... The people remain the sucker who is used by both Crime and all layers of the power. it is sad to

to understand that people are spoiled by all this and live ordinary - pragmatically... SURVIVE rather... To eat, have a sleep, on...., to get drunk, smoke, look at a razvlekalovka (all the same what), to take care of itself and relatives and all.

All live, are ill and die in 50 - 65 years... and you, as all - company in distress makes trouble less.

But only the PERSON can live healthy... not to be a SUCKER!

This my message from that forum. It seems that I got to ten. Quite so the situation with health of the people (middle class which the majority - 70%) is. Something is useless to broadcast and to call - everyone leads today`s life, nothing is absolute without undertaking forward, for the future. M.

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