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Butterfly Effect

works in our world All of us well know from a school course of mathematics that two parallel straight lines are never crossed. It is so accepted in official geometry of Euclid. But each of us once looked at the rails leaving for the horizon and began to doubt somewhere at heart a little to this common truth. Here and in Lobachevsky`s geometry it is claimed that two parallel straight lines can quite be crossed. Where - nibud in infinity. And respectively, and the parallel planes have a common ground. And let this fact is infinitely disputable, it bewitches and excites minds much stronger, than an axiom from the textbook.

Butterfly Effect

Once in elementary grades the book - an adventure in which I could become a director fell of me into hands. Depending on what action I chose for the main character, the page on which history proceeded changed. Elections such there was a set, so, and history options - too. At history with one beginning I counted fifteen possible outcomes.

A time later I remembered some the book and reflected - and in our life it turns out also! . Any, even the smallest event, any decision and any phrase change (cardinally or slightly) the course of all our further life. Or perhaps even destiny of mankind. Examples of that it is possible to find a huge number: if my acquaintance once, being going to the city, did not break a heel, then inevitably would get into a terrible car accident. If I was not banished from couple in chemistry on courses, I would graduate from the medical university now, but would not write this article. And still it is unknown how many lives of people would change along with mine too.

There is even a term Butterfly Effect the explaining this phenomenon. Opened by the meteorologist Lorents, it says that even the wave of a wing of a butterfly in Singapore can cause a strong tornado in Northern Carolina. In other words, even the smallest event is capable to cause unexpected and very serious consequences in absolutely other place of the globe.

of the Event, caused by Butterfly Effect, occur in the same world, but at different times - as well as it is necessary to cause and effect.

The parallel worlds

A that if to assume that for everyone new turn in destiny, for each choice, there is the reality, the world in which new events develop?. And all these worlds exist at the same time?. Difficult. Interestingly. Once on the TV there was an advertizing - down the street there is a young man, to his legs the basketball falls. The screen is divided into two parts - it lifts a ball or does not notice it. Each plot continues to develop. There is still something, still screens, more and more appear... And in everyone already absolutely different events.

There are many theories and assumptions that our world - not only that near it is some more. And, perhaps, we who chose other road, put on a shirt not of that color since morning live in them, or at last gone on a diet.

A can be, on the contrary, there live beings, is perfect on us unlike, left in the development is much farther... Perhaps, they live on our planet, but only we do not see them as they consist from... " antimatters;. So some scientists assume. For this reason we cannot see and perceive antiworld but only sometimes we face its manifestations.

Many say also that between the worlds there is a possibility of movement on certain portals (channels). So, in national beliefs (and at many fantasts) in this quality mirrors often act. More rare - caves or muzzles of volcanoes. Therefore say that it is impossible to look long at the reflection in a mirror - will drag off... More scientific hypotheses as tunnels for transition consider space black holes which can quite serve mole holes space, connecting various spaces and the worlds, they are still well not studied.

In 1930 the scientist Charles Frot entered the term teleportatsionny places for designation of zones where inexplicable and invisible movements of objects in space were noted. They really exist, they are mentioned by certain researchers. But attempts to specially provoke teleportation for the present were not successful.

However as in legends and fantastic works, and and scientific hypotheses it is claimed that transitions open only in certain time or under certain circumstances. Only if in literature it is still more or less clear, then among the real evidence of transition of people from one space in another the complete chaos is created.

Mysterious certificates

How not to remember in this regard legendary disappearance in mountains of the whole Norfoldsky regiment sent by British to a front line at the beginning of the twentieth century! The gorge covered with a huge cloud did not leave any soldier, and on this place no traces of people were revealed. Some researchers believe that the regiment entered the portal conducting to one of the parallel worlds.

However, there is also a version about time curvature in this place and at this moment. So it is quite possible that years, and it is possible later, and centuries, the Norfoldsky regiment can unperturbably finish the way.

One of the most curious facts is, probably, the fact that the greatest number of cases meetings with the parallel worlds it is recorded from the Middle Ages prior to the beginning of the twentieth century. Whether it is connected with a low level of development of science and a great influence of religion - with confidence it is difficult to tell. However the fact remains - today the greatest number of certificates of a meeting with unknown falls to the share of UFO, but not the parallel worlds.

So, for example, the burgomaster`s niece, Elza Fartkhen enigmatically was gone in Germany at the end of the 15th century. The girl, as usual, went to bed in the bedroom. After a while one of servants noticed in the middle of the night bright light from - under doors of the madam. But it did not attach it significance. Next morning it turned out that the door in a bedroom is locked from within and when it was broken, in a bedroom was nobody! The alarm rose. Servants and Elza`s relatives searched everything around. But it is vain. Elza Fartkhen was absent two days, and on the third appeared at herself in a bedroom also imperceptibly, as well as disappeared. When explained to Elza that two days were not at home her, she did not believe. On belief of the girl, she went to bed and overslept quietly one night. However, then remembered that it dreamed bright light, some unclear persons, but no more than that...

In literature

Science fiction writers love a subject of the parallel worlds and plurality of the Universe as she creates fertile food for imagination. In children`s literature most brightly the idea of plurality of the worlds is presented in Vladislav Krapivin`s stories. Here heroes are absolutely ordinary school students - can appear easily in other worlds, travel from one space to another, everywhere finding adventures and loyal friends. The Universe in these stories is presented in the form of a huge Crystal which each side - the certain, special world. But between these worlds it is obligatory to eat transitions to certain time. For example, In night of big inflow .

The parallel worlds existing in the same space and time are, for example, the tetralogy about Patrols Sergey Lukyanenko. In the usual cities among simple people live others - light and dark periodically leaving to sort out the relations in twilight . Their world as if it is imposed on the world of ordinary people. As the author describes - between two floors of the house the elevator goes more slowly - there is one more floor, but - in twilight .

Convenient explanation

Existence of the parallel worlds is not proved, and will be hardly proved (or 100 it is % disproved) in the next decades. However the assumption of their existence rather simply and logically explains occurring in our world disagreements and the paranormal phenomena like the ships - the ghosts, planes which disappeared from screens of a radar and missing persons, the poltergeist and there is a lot of another, worthy to get to the folder under the name Confidential materials .