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Diet - Harm or Advantage?

Author: Anatoly Pashustin

the Problem of excess weight is always actual. Mass media offer a set of ways to grow thin, the set new " appears every year; miracle diets. Often these diets are very well advertized, but very seldom experts who developed this or that diet, dare to call contraindications and side effects of these diets. And incorrectly picked up diet can lead to deplorable result.

Most often the people resorting to a diet do not consider the reasons which resulted in completeness at all. By means of diets they seek for achievement of fast effective weight loss. They are ready to go on the big victims, but are not ready to change the way of life, habits, do not make efforts for correctly to pick up the diet suitable for their organism.

At the choice of a diet the following factors are not considered:

severity of a diet . Some people choose too strict diet therefore they so exhaust the organism that is not able to perform even an easy physical activity;

insufficient flexibility of a diet. The person in modern conditions seldom can adhere to the same menu every day throughout long time. Similar inflexibility of a diet creates discomfort and problems;

the products resolved by a diet not always approach the use to the person for any of several reasons. Many turn the life into self-sacrifice to a fashionable diet, even without assuming to what consequences it can lead;

popular diets have a strict set of products from which it is impossible to depart (otherwise the effect will not be) and how to be to people with various diseases, including allergic intolerance of this or that product?

the diet often does not allow indulgences and demands its strict observance that leads people with the weakened will power to failure and an unrestrained prozhorstvo;

often the hostess of the house who sat down on a diet is forced to prepare for a double set of dishes because the food of which the diet consists does not suit other family members at all;

any diet is a limited receipt in an organism of these or those substances. In turn, it is a time bomb and orientations. Nobody will give the answer when she explodes and what bodies can suffer;

continuous selection of products , and often expensive, for this or that diet, significantly influences the family budget;

any violations in food
immediately lead to metabolic disorder in an organism.

of Research of scientists was shown that the people trying to grow thin due to refusal for some time of any products or in general due to daily decrease in a kalorazh of the eaten food, subsequently often suffer from violations of functions of immune system.

Before applying this or that diet, it is necessary to consult to the competent expert, to weigh everything for and against and to follow the basic rule: Do not do much harm to the organism a low-quality diet .