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How to live if you the parent - the single? The piece of meat roll wanted to take part 1

Ya, sincerely hoping that we not for nothing spent time at a plate with children, and it will be very tasty as suddenly Kali looked at me and sadly asked: The Father, and what, mother died?

So these two weeks as the single father began.

my wife decided to take two-week vacation, and switched from motherhood to studying of communication and philosophy. She told me about the plans and asked to take care of children during its absence. To tell that I was glad - not to tell anything. Eventually, I was a teacher of 14 years, wrote the impressive number of books about children and education, and in addition to it conducted seminars concerning education of children and knowledge to be parents therefore I was ready for all 100% to gain experience of the single father, besides and working!


Day of the second, 4:30


got to me into a bed, and, certainly, Diana was not slow to follow its example. By then I have a sleep only about three hours since to a half of the first I was engaged in such integral procedures of the parent - singles (besides working!) as washing, cooking, and, of course, cleaning. I peacefully slept, enjoying that my daughters also slept, having nestled on me as suddenly Kali began to cough. It proceeded until ours amazing meat roll did not appear on a bed, in passing having made happy and us with Diana.

Keeping full calm, I moved away all this beauty from a bed also thought: Ha, I - that precisely will cope with it, all this is an integral part of life of the parent - singles!

to prepare me for two-week stay with children, Caroline wrote instructions for washing, cooking, clothing of girls, and also to other parental responsibilities about which I also did not suspect since never took part in them. These instructions were very useful, though did not include information on how to collect in school of the children who were not sleeping half of the night who resembled in the morning the zombie more.


Day the fourth, 7:55

Ya made the breakfast consisting of milkshake, porridge and fruit and arranged all so that we could leave the house exactly at 8:00. But as soon as we gathered and could go, Cali, in adventure style, habitual for it, decided to jump out from - for a table, holding the plate with porridge. Well, she succeeded, she managed to force me to speak in beard: I have to cope adequately with all difficulties trying to pull together from it trousers which were soiled by porridge, - they are an integral part of life of the parent - singles!

Ya knew that until then as I could to turn a lemon into the " lemonade; keeping sense of humour and not taking everything too very much to heart, I could spend two nice weeks.

my wife, unlike me, was very persistent when it forced our daughters to brush teeth. But, I repeat, not I. I neglected everything, preferring to close eyes to such trifle. If Kali and Diana wanted to clean teeth - they did it what I was glad to, but also I was not tormented by nightmares when they did not do it. The same treated also morning washing - but only until anyone could not tell me that girls ate for breakfast and generally than had supper, having only looked at their faces, inlaid food. Knowing that about my parental abilities it is possible to judge at first by true, accurate appearance of my children, I became almost same persistent and exacting as my wife.

Stay in a role of the working single father had exclusive influence on my personal time and forces. Cleaning, washing, cooking, purchases, laying of children to sleep, the organization of their leisure and rest in various places, their entertainment, permission of various disputes, and also constant cares of that they were always decently dressed and full etc. in total with full time did not promise me anything good. The bed became my best friend every evening, and early enough. Every day I admired and surprised more and more to parents who it is constant one raise children. you will find

the description of the most difficult situation against which I came up In the following article; time when I really was proud that I am a father; my warmest memoirs and joyful return of the wife.

Bernard Percy

Reference: Bernard Percy is a teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions; the author of books and numerous and publications, among which How to grow up the child councils of children to parents Help the child with " school;; cofounder and editor-in-chief of the " magazine; Converge . More than 20 years is the Representative of the international Applied Education. Successful family man, father of three children.

On July 31 2010 Mr. Bernard Percy will hold a seminar Education Art: how to grow up the successful child . If you want to participate in a seminar, address to office Applied Formation of the CIS by phones 509 - 46 - 02, 680 - 66 - 73, an e-mail of info@apscis. ru.