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How to make a garden bench with own hands?

How to make a simple garden bench of a tree? There is nothing more simply.

For its production you need the following tool: wood saw, hammer, chisel, plane, roulette, pencil, construction level and spade.

From materials it will be required: 2 wooden bars (15 x 15 mm) or a column 80 cm long on support, 4 whetstones with a section of 5 x 6 cm, 2 wooden jambs, with a section 5 x 15 of 2 boards and 130 cm long for sitting, with a section 2,5 x 15 of 2 boards and 130 cm long for a back, 20 nails 100 - 120 mm long, 2 pieces of an old polyethylene film, a bottle of the fulfilled automobile oil and a piece of a wire.

So, we start.

To the bar lying on the earth, having receded from its lower end face 45 cm, we put long whetstone at an angle approximately in 30 . It will serve as a support for a bench back. We note on whetstone of the place of accession, we do by a saw of a pro-saw and we choose a groove as a chisel. Only in mirror display, we do the same with the second support of a garden bench.

Is cut off from whetstone two pieces 30 cm long. They will fasten at the top end faces of brus - support and to serve as horizontal crossbeams for sitting boards.

By means of the hammer and nails we collect the right and left support of a garden bench. We select the place of fastening of jambs so that it was convenient to sit, having leaned a back against a bench. Here any standard does not exist. The sizes of a back of a garden bench and its inclination, have to be measured under concrete, living on giving people.

When support of a garden bench are ready, we impregnate their lower parts with lubricating oil and we wrap up a film, having fixed it by a wire.

On the place chosen for a bench we dig out two holes of 40 cm in depth at distance of 100 - 110 cm from each other. We lower support in holes and we stack on them boards for sitting. By means of level we verify horizontal position of their surface. Raising and gradually filling up holes with sand, we establish the necessary provision of a garden bench. If there is no level, it can be replaced with an ordinary plate with water.

Then the hole is finally covered with earth and carefully stamped. It was necessary only to beat boards for sitting and a back, the country bench made with own hands is ready to cover all design with protective impregnation and.

On the site I already put two such and I plan to equip couple more in the coziest place of a garden.