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How to behave at act of terrorism in certain places?

In a family

Develop the action plan at force majeure for members of your family. All family members have to have phones, e-mail addresses, numbers of pagers etc. each other for an operative communication. Teachers of school where your child goes have to have these coordinates, at the secretary is the organization in which you work, at relatives and acquaintances etc. Sometimes the communication systems located in one area can be damaged or deenergized that will make impossible communication with each other. Therefore agree that in case of emergency you will call the acquaintance or the relative living far from your area. Appoint the meeting place where you will be able to find each other in emergency situation.

Prepare disturbing " bag;: the minimum set of things, is a little products of long storage, a small lamp, batteries, the radio receiver, water, tools, copies of the major documents.

If you are evacuated from the house

Put on clothes with long sleeves, dense trousers and footwear on a thick sole. It can protect from glass splinters.

Do not leave at home pets.

During evacuation follow the route specified by the authorities. Do not try to cut off a way because some areas or zones can be closed for movement.

Try to steer clear of the fallen power lines.

At work

Approximately in 20% of cases terrorists warn about the preparing explosion in advance. Sometimes they call ordinary employees. If to you the similar call arrived, then:

Try to obtain a maximum of information on time and the place of explosion. Try to write down everything that to you is told by the representative of terrorists, do not rely on the memory.

Try to hold as long as possible calling on lines - it will help intelligence agencies to identify the telephone set from which this call was made.

If in the building the suspicious package is found (a box etc.) do not touch it at all, and as soon as possible inform law enforcement agencies on the place him stays.

During evacuation try to steer clear of windows.

You do not crowd before the evacuated building, make room for an entrance of cars of militia, intelligence agencies, fire.

After explosion of a bomb

Immediately leave the building: do not use elevators.

If right after explosion cases began to shake, books, folders etc. began to fall from them, do not try to hold them at all, hide under a table and wait several minutes.

If the fire began

Having approached to the closed door, at first touch it from above, in the middle and from below. If a door hot, it is impossible to open it because behind it the fire rages. In this case look for other exit. If the door did not heat up, open it slowly and carefully.

The main cause of death of people at the fire - the smoke and poisonous gases which are formed when burning the objects made of synthetic materials. The smoke will stick together, and inhalation of gases can cause a serious poisoning, turbidity and even loss of consciousness. Therefore, leaving the building, try to bend down as low as possible. Cover a mouth and a nose with a handkerchief, it is desirable damp. You breathe only through it. Try to breathe superficially.

If in a corridor the fire began, and you cannot leave an office, roll a rug and towels in a roll, moisten them with water and try as it is possible to close up more densely cracks at doors. Slightly open a window a little, but by no means not completely. Throw out a bright piece of matter in a window, you shine in a window with a small lamp, you whistle, you knock on pipes that firefighters noticed that in the room someone is. You shout only as a last resort: as a rule, it is extremely difficult to hear human shout, besides, shout is capable to lead to sad consequences: shouting, the person can deeply inhale the gas which is formed in the course of burning and to faint.

Near explosion epicenter

Carefully bypass all rooms to check whether there is no leak of water and gas, ignitions etc. In the dark do not light a match or a candle at all, use a small lamp.

Immediately switch-off all electric devices. Extinguish gas on a plate etc. of

Ring round the family, and briefly report about the location, health etc. Without special need do not use phone, the automatic telephone exchange can not cope with a stream of calls.

Check how the situation at neighbors is, the help can be necessary for them.

Near the place of commission of act of terrorism

Keep calm and patience, implement recommendations of local officials. You hold the turned-on radio or TV for obtaining instructions.

Behavior on the plane

you Watch an environment. Pay attention to other passengers who behave inadequately. If someone causes in you suspicion, report about it to security service of the airport or the stewardess.

Do not trust stereotypes. Any person, regardless of a sex, age, a nationality can be the terrorist, clothes style etc. of

If you appear on the plane on which terrorists act, do not show an excessive initiative, do not provoke them to commission of acts of violence concerning passengers and crew.

Your main task to remain live and safe. Remember that you will not be able independently to cope with the car thief. It is twice dangerous because onboard there can be his accomplices.

Know where it is possible to call in case of danger. It is useful to drive number of the line of intelligence agencies into memory of phone. Can happen so that your phone will be the only means of communication with the outside world.

Be one team. If the plane is seized, you have to unite with other passengers and crew members. Do not try to increase the authority due to ingratiation with terrorists. Execute their commands and try as far as it is possible, to keep calm.

The help to the victims If to the person does not threaten

immediate danger to be killed in fire or as a result of falling of heavy designs, do not take out it from the building independently and do not try to provide medical care. In some cases it can lead to sad consequences, for example, if it broke a backbone, then the slightest movement can lead to injury of a spinal cord. Your main task - as soon as possible to bring to the victim of professionals.

Take care.