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Traveling notes from the route M10 or how to pass from Moscow to St. Petersburg by car

So, you prepared for travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg on the car.

We will begin with a reminder (sorry, to whom it not to be pleasant) that on the eve of a trip the car should be prepared for a long journey. Minimum list of works: check of pressure in tires and oil level plus having added waters in a windscreen washer tank.

It is desirable to leave Moscow a bit earlier. Ideal option - five o`clock in the morning. Keep in mind that on weekdays it is less cars on the route, than on the weekend. To escape from First-throned in general not so just from - for the continuing repair of Leningradskoye Highway. On it at least one hour, even can leave in the morning. In St. Petersburg there is no such problem and for an hour it is possible to leave kilometers on 70 from the city.

As for speed on the way, it is strong you should not exceed its restrictions. Inspectors of the traffic police which are on duty on the route M10 can be met rather often. Moreover, in a protection which divides strips of oncoming traffic video cameras which fix violators are hidden. From far away it is not possible to notice them almost.

Considerable part of the highway which is called main expensive country represents only the three-lane highway with the general strip for overtaking. Therefore be extremely attentive - risky commission of maneuvers is fraught with a head-on collision.

On the route there are sites with a fine paving, however, generally the Russian asphalt is far from an ideal.

Traditional summer repair work, from - for whom arises traffic jams in both parties, is carried out on the mentioned Leningradskoye Highway at departure from Moscow, at bridges through Tverts`s rivers and Volga and at the village of Voskresenskoye, located near Tver.

The difficult section of the route is in the district of villages Big and Small Kiselyonki. From - for the track which is beaten out in asphalt, your car when overtaking can take out on the oncoming traffic lane.

Also at Volochk on the bridge through Tverts`s river asphalt from - for heats bristled and it is necessary to pass this place accurately, without risk to damage a suspension bracket.

To pass from Moscow to St. Petersburg on one tank about 700 km it is quite real. But it is possible and not to experiment as throughout the route of gas stations it is quite enough. The gasoline price of them is not identical, but it and across Moscow is familiar to us. We choose what is cheaper.

There is not a lot of sights along the road. Generally it is the lop-sided log houses, churches and beautiful landscapes near the rivers. If very much carries, you can see the flock of wild ducks which is flying by over car or a stork.

Yes, and one more interesting moment. Even 30 years later after the end of the Moscow Olympic Games, on bus-stops it is possible to notice drawings with the Olympic symbolics.

Without reaching Vyshny Volochyok there is an opportunity to drive up to a spring with spring water. It is difficult to pass it since there many cars are usually parked. However to drink unboiled water I do not advise, it will be better simple to wash.

The public catering along the highway consists of roadside cafes among which quite decent come across.

In the settlement Sacrums it is possible to see tents with the smoking samovars. Smells of strong brewing tea and a smoke from pine cones attract. It is exciting - to drink after the journey a glass of the hot invigorating drink. But it is desirable to specify its price at once. Easily can ask rubles 150.

Most treats also berries which residents of the next villages sell to autotourists along the road. Depending on make of the car the price for a glass (not for a bucket!) bilberry or cloudberries significantly fluctuates and can surprise you. For example, wished to sell me a plastic glass of bilberry for 250 rub. So purchase of roadside berries is quite capable to punch a gap in your family budget.

At entry into St. Petersburg do not forget to reduce speed. The movement on the route significantly differs from the movement in the city.

On the road keep attention and concentration and then good luck will accompany you.