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How to behave at act of terrorism? The basic rules of

Any person on combination of circumstances can be the hostage of criminals. At the same time aggressors can try to obtain achievement of political goals, receiving repayment, etc. In all cases your life becomes a bargaining subject for terrorists. Experts recommend to follow certain rules of conduct in such situation. So...

It is impossible to be prepared for an act of terrorism in advance therefore it is necessary to be ready to it always.

Terrorists usually choose for the attacks the known and noticeable purposes, for example, the large cities, the international airports, venues of large international actions, the international resorts etc. An indispensable condition of commission of attack is an opportunity to avoid close attention of law-enforcement structures, for example, of examination before commission of act of terrorism. Be attentive, being in similar places. Terrorists act suddenly and, as a rule, without preliminary preventions.

Always, always, always specify where reserve way out are found of the room. In advance think over as you will leave the building if in it there is a state of emergency. Never try to get out of the burning building on the elevator. In - the first, the mechanism of the elevator can be damaged. In - the second, usually scared people run to elevators. Elevators are not calculated on transportation of so large number of passengers therefore the precious minutes necessary for rescue can be lost.

If you were a hostage:

Whenever possible get it together rather, calm down and do not panic.

Be prepared physically, morally and emotionally for possible difficult test.

you Speak by a quiet voice. Avoid defiant, hostile tone.

do not allow actions which can provoke forwards to a use of weapons and lead to loss of life (do not run, do not rush on the terrorist, do not fight, do not snatch out at it the weapon; do not try to reconcile with the terrorist, to persuade him, do not beg, do not appeal tears to his kindness).

you Transfer deprivations, insults and humiliations, you do not look in the face to criminals, do not behave provocatively.

For maintenance of forces eat everything that you are given even if the food is not pleasant to you.

If necessary fulfill requirements of criminals (especially the first half an hour), do not contradict them, do not risk life of people around and own, try not to allow hysterics and panic.

On commission of any actions (to sit down, to rise, drink, descend in a toilet), ask permissions.

If you are wounded, try not to move, it you reduce blood loss. Try to tie up a wound a scarf, the broken-off undershirt or a shirt.

you Remember: your purpose - to survive. Be attentive, try to remember signs of criminals, distinctive features of their persons, clothes, names, nicknames, possible scars and tattoos, features of the speech and a manner of behavior, scope of talk etc. of

Remember that, having received the message on your capture, intelligence agencies already began to work and all will undertake necessary for your release.

Directly during operation on your release observe the following requirements:

you Lie on a floor facedown, close the head hands and do not move.

do not run towards to the staff of intelligence agencies At all or from them as they can take you for the criminal.

If an opportunity is, you steer clear of apertures of doors and windows.

be not indignant if at storm with you manage rigidly, will cause you moral or even physical trauma - actions storming in this situation are justified.

Take care.