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Why to buy the laptop? Five reasons of

World already tried out laptops. But on ours sixth part of " sushi; users still should explain why the laptop is necessary, and to explain both to themselves, and people around. And it is rather difficult to explain, for example, to own wife why bought such small feature for such big money. However reasons of acquisition and use of mobile system are quite objective.

1. At any time

On advertizing leaflets laptops still represent a possibility of work in the desirable place as the tool of the mobile representative of big business. But actually mobility of the computer is very useful to any user - from the bank employee to the ordinary student. Even if thanks to mobility the owner can move only with the computer within the apartment, changing the location depending on time of day and degree of activity of members of household. For example, it is pleasant to work in a chair on a balcony in the morning, then to get over for a desktop. Anybody of us therefore your desktop in the second half of day is occupied by children - school students has no separate offices almost and it is necessary to look for the new place for work. And in the presence of the laptop the chair at the TV, a sofa can become it and to work with laptop it is possible even having saddled, sorry, a toilet bowl. Got used quietly work in the evenings can retire with the computer, suppose, in kitchen not to disturb the sleeping family members knock of keys and kukovaniye sound notifications about the entering messages of ICQ.

So with the laptop is convenient to work not only at back sitting of own limousine. Though, of course, the laptop is good both in a limousine, and in expedition, and in many other situations which are spread around on handbills of producers.

2. The economy of the place the Personal computer in a traditional complete set occupies

depending on features of the organization of a workplace on average from one and a half to two square meters. The laptop in a non-working state does not take almost any place. It can be put on the same shelf on which you store magazines or there is documentation - in the put state the laptop put vertically takes even less places, than, for example, encyclopedia volume.

A how much is two square meters of a living space in the large city? Yes is more expensive than the laptop! That is, as it paradoxically sounds, the laptop for the user is economic from the moment of acquisition! I Will notice

that large corporations for a long time understood it and began to transfer to laptops not only a top - management, but also an average administrative link, and considerable part of technical specialists.

3. Comparable with desktop cost

For some reason laptops are considered as expensive equipment. Of course, they are not cheap. The cost of mobile system is comparable with the cost of the desktop computer. If, of course, to consider the cost of the last taking into account all necessary equipment, which to to a desktop it is fastened and in the " laptop; it is built-in : the monitor, the video card with an exit to the ordinary TV, the uninterruptible power supply unit, the keyboard, the microphone, stereocolumns, infrared port, i. Link - the interface, the reader for flash - cards and the coordinate device.

4. Comparable functionality the Laptop does not concede

on functionality to desktop system on all most widespread appendices. Let`s explain it slightly in more detail because national rumor tells the strictly return.

Is considered to be that laptops it is more difficult to supply with the necessary peripheral devices, but actually it not so. Almost all mobile systems have an expansion sled on which it is possible to establish the necessary drayva. If for any reason there is no opportunity to install the device in the laptop, it is always possible to attach it to system on the USB interface. In mobile system it is possible to establish the most different payments only executed in PC standard size too - cards (either SD, or MemoryStick - depending on existence in the computer of the corresponding slots). Such decisions are submitted much: from GPS - receivers and Ethernet - cards to winchesters and GPRS - modems.

Until recently to laptops music lovers and gamers who complained of impossibility of installation to the laptop of the advanced sound and graphic decisions had serious claims. With an exit of the Creative Sound Blaster Extigy system which represents no other than the advanced sound card in external execution, music lovers - both fans actually of music and supporters of a surrounding sound accompanied to DVD - movies - had an opportunity to receive a quality multichannel sound from laptops. Of course, video cards cooling of processors on which requires pair of additional fans, will never be built in mobile computers, but also it is a little such cards, and the number of gamers who are capable to estimate a charm of such graphic decisions makes percent shares from total of users of home computers. Summing up

told it is possible to tell that for the vast majority of users - except for the inveterate gamers working with systems of automatic design and with professional graphics - functionality of the laptop and mobile computer is almost identical.

5. Prestigiousness

the Consciousness of people lags behind realities of the market. Though the laptop is the little more expensive than desktop system, its existence by many is still perceived as a symbol of belonging to the highest management, a symbol of prosperity and financial success.