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What medicine is better: east or western?

the Question of medicine are the most discussed today. Everyone for himself chooses what medicine to prefer: traditional Western or nonconventional East. In what an essence of these directions of medicine? Whether it is possible to use only one direction and when necessary? What their shortcomings and advantages? Today we will consecrate conversation to this subject.

The most important difference of the Western medicine from East is that the Western medicine, as a rule, divides a human body into separate bodies and systems, the sick body treats, fights against symptoms and consequences of any disease. Treatment of a human body is carried out from a specific problem, they do not direct the efforts to improvement of its state in general. In traditional Western medicine even on each symptom of an illness there is a separate group of drugs which are created in the chemical way, thereby exert impact on an organism only at the physical level. East medicine considers a human body as a unit, considering an emotional mental, power condition. Its essence is in restoring the broken harmony (balance) of energy of the person with energy of the nature (wind, heat, fire, humidity, dryness and cold), that is to remove the causes, but not consequences of an illness. Medicines of nonconventional medicine, thanks to the correct combination of components, act not only on physical, but also on power level, from - for distributions of energy on a human body. East medicine in general denies application of any special or artificial means as the nature itself is the best healer. Besides, one and too a disease at each patient to be treated differently as East medicine considers a human body unique.

Besides, East medicine treats very slowly, unlike Western, that is it cannot instantly relieve of suddenly arisen concrete pain. It is directed to elimination of the prime causes of diseases at the expense of the correct personal care. The western medicine in this regard surpasses east medicine as in its forces to treat quite dangerous diseases and in short terms to put the person on legs.

Also, it should be noted the fact that all medicines which are used by East medicine also possess side effects as they are present almost at each plant and can be shown at rather prolonged use or overdose.

The main lack of East medicine is that it cannot cope with diseases which arise at people of the West from - for environmental pollution, noise pollution, impact of various chemistry on a human body as it is insufficiently well developed.

Besides everything, East medicine always paid considerable attention to prevention of diseases. The first symptoms of a disease, that is signs of violation of power balance, in East medicine necessary measures are easily noticed and taken: food changes, learn to breathe correctly, etc.

What shortcomings of the Western medicine?

As all preparations which the Western medicine uses possess a set of side effects, we come to a conclusion that the Western medicine can worsen much a condition of an organism for a long interval of time. All medicines are created in the synthetic way therefore do harm to human organs. For example, aspirin which is known to all of us for the febrifugal property can cause stomach pain, nausea, heartburn, and even vomiting, and its regular application leads to work violations zheludochno - an intestinal path, to stomach ulcers and a hemorrhagic stroke. It is the reason of the frequent appeal of the Western medicine to various preparations of East medicine, entering into them of the amendments and to use for creation of other preparations.

The special attention needs to be paid on such phenomenon of the Western medicine as a yatrogeniye, that is harming or deterioration in health of the patient which is caused by inaccurate action of the doctor. In East practice, such cases practically never arise whereas in the Western medicine of a yatrogeniye is the widespread phenomenon and a serious problem as it is the most common cause on which the sick patient dies. Yatrogeniya cases in the USA are especially frequent.

Summing up the results, one may say, that in reality both directions of medicine are necessary for us. The western medicine helps in most cases diseases and illnesses including the newest. It instantly eliminates symptoms of a disease and if necessary quickly enough puts the person on legs. But from - for this approach to treatment deterioration in health in the future becomes very frequent at the price of treatment from any disease. However it is irreplaceable in the started cases, at irreversible damages when the emergency operating is necessary. East medicine is directed to slow care of an organism, improving the general state of health and power balance. This direction of medicine cannot quickly cure of a concrete disease, but can strengthen all organism, develop resistant immunity to various diseases. East medicine is a combination of careful treatment and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Both directions have positive sides what to choose for themselves - to solve only to you. However to give preference to one direction of medicine, does not mean to forbid for itself another.