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It is not necessary to charge phone!!!!

Specialists of research division of the Finnish corporation Nokia in the British Cambridge developed a prototype of system of the accumulator charging of the mobile phone working from energy of surrounding radio waves. The received energy, according to developers, has enough for ensuring operation of the device in the waiting mode.

the Charging system includes two simple electric chains and the antenna. The reception chain and the antenna are calculated on work with wide radio frequency range - from 500 MHz to 10 GHz. At the same time components of system spend less energy for the work, than receive. Now they are capable to transform energy of electromagnetic radio waves in electric with power up to five milliwatts.

is in the future possible increase of power to 20 milliwatts, however it all the same will be insufficiently for commission of calls. According to one of developers, to Mark Ruvala (Markku Rouvala), it is not excluded that it will be possible to increase the power of system to 50 milliwatts that will be enough for a slow recharge of the battery. In that case phone will not be required to be connected to an electric network at all. Feature of development of Nokia from other similar decisions is its work in the big range of frequencies allowing to collect small portions of energy from radio waves of different function. Now from radio waves RFID - the equipment, detector radio receivers and other devices eats. It is expected that it will be possible to buy the nokia mobile phone with new function of recharge from radio of air through three - five years.

Without doubts that copies of these phones from China will appear already several months later after issue of originals and right there each online store of nokia phones will fill up the pages with these devices. Besides acquisition of nokia phone through online store of a noki became in very practical and financially acceptable way.

One of the main advantages is that in ordinary shop sellers are not always well informed, their knowledge it can appear insufficiently. The price in ordinary shop is always overstated as every month to have to pay the owner of shop rent for I will eat the trade room that is seriously reflected in the price. Plus payment of a salary to sellers payment of a huge number of taxes, all this significantly affects the price. In online store prime cost includes only acquisition of phone and its delivery to the address of the buyer, there are no other expenses just. Except sale of phones, online stores very often provide various useful information by those phones which are presented on the website that gives the chance to possess full and fresh data on novelties in the mobile world.

the Chinese phones can be seen worldwide. Use them in all countries without exception including in the countries of gold one billion where impose special requirements to quality of the mobile phone and prefer to buy only the best phone. Such product is also presented on pages of our project.

Unfortunately, thanks to the last two decades, at most of people was created a certain stereotype concerning quality of the Chinese cell phones. This stereotype appeared 10 - 15 years ago when their quality really was not on the ball. But the Chinese experts by this moment saved up a wealth of experience of production of phones for such world giants of the cellular industry as Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and actively makes use now of this experience. Present quality of the Chinese phones does not go in any comparison with what was ten years ago. Now it is powerful, functional, and, above all qualitative copies, many of which surpass the originals in some indicators.