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What to do before going to bed to wake up beautiful

Author: Natalya Udonova

So far we sleep, cells of our skin actively work, trying to restore all destructions caused to it in the afternoon in a night. And if to connect night cream to business, this process will accelerate. We found out how it is possible to promote night assistants with great dispatch to fulfill change.


the Main rule of all beauties - a dream. To go to bed also the truth well as soon as possible. Since evening and till four in the morning in skin the melatonin hormone maximum - the active fighter against a stress and free radicals is developed. The earlier he takes up change, the better for skin. Long ago knows Sophia Loren about it and even in 71 years keeps female appeal and magnetism. The actress goes to bed daily not later than 21 hour.


If there are problems with skin, it is possible to carry out such ritual for the night: to pointwise apply on the cleared skin means against spots, and then on all person - the moisturizing cream. Well proved pharmaceutical " gels; Kuriozin and Solkoseril joint works they remove inflammations and heal wounds.

Zinc paste will help to dry heat-spots. But prepare that your person will become spotty, paste has absolutely dense structure of white color. Anyway independent treatment is not recommended because means have to be appointed by the doctor after the corresponding inspection.


That in the morning face skin looked good, before going to bed it is possible to make a mask. The clearing masks are especially good, lifting and masks from hypostases - they stimulate blood circulation and bring excess liquid out of an organism.


Take before going to bed the warming bath with sea salt or extracts of seaweed - it will help to remove the slags which accumulated in a day and to start fat splitting process. By the way, after a bathtub it is a high time to put anti-cellulite means. At night active components of creams for weight loss intensify development of a lipase - the enzyme responsible for splitting of fats.


in care of skin the most sure bet - the moisturizing cream. Moisture fills cages, strengthens them, levels wrinkles and raises a skin tone. But nevertheless day even if you do not use very good, moistening means for the night. Day cream protects - night restores. Not incidentally it has more dense texture at the expense of the structure saturated with vitamins and minerals.


1) to apply night cream with a thick layer. Rule the more the better in relation to night cream does not approach. The dense texture will turn into a mask, skin will not be able to breathe, thermal control will be broken. For comparison it is possible to present a hotbed where moisture and heat have no opportunity to escape outside.

Massage a stomach roundabouts clockwise - it promotes digestion, so, and to clarification of skin.

That night cream qualitatively fulfilled the night shift, apply it for half an hour to a dream with a thin layer on the cleared skin and minutes through five surely get wet with a napkin;

2) to drink much. Late reception of any liquids, even water and useful kefir, provokes hypostases.

Photo: Campiglio/Fotolink