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What was seen by a stone lion of Hamadan? In the wake of Alexander of Macedon of

in the Fall 324 BC Alexander of Macedon together with the army entered in Ecbatana where intended to winter. Several months ago it returned from the heavy campaign which lasted for 10 years. The subjugator of Egypt and Asia Minor, the Persian power and India - a half of the known then world, it is quite deserved nicknamed Great, one of the most great commanders in the history, not just for nothing spent time in feasts and entertainments.

The brain of the remarkable soldier did not doze - Alexander nourished idea of conquest of the new countries, he dreamed of the great future for the power created by its unbending will and a firm hand. The world map which is already remade by it soon had to change again - the empire subject to the Macedonian tsar, already changed the borders in Alexander`s representations, and had to become such in reality soon...

The surrounding situation promoted grandiose dreams - the palace of the Persian tsar Cyrus II who had, as well as Alexander, about much the speaking prefix to a name - Great, the palace which is fairly ranked father of the history Herodotus to wonders of the world, it was quite worthy to accept under the shelter the great person, giving at the same time a set of reasons for far-reaching plans.

Walking on magnificently cleaned halls and corridors of the palace, admiring the walls trimmed with gold and silver, Alexander involuntarily compared this summer residence of the Persian tsar to the favourite Babylon which he intended to make the capital of the world built by it. Cyrus, in due time, in two hundred years prior to Alexander who did a way from the leader of settled Persian tribes to the master of the powerful empire which united the majority of the countries of the Middle East the subjugator Midii, Libya, Babylonia and many other ancient states and the people had at the order at once several capitals, one of which and steel of Ecbatana. Seven fortresses, one in one, towered one above another, and teeth of their walls were painted in different colors - from external snow-white to internal gold. All palace was built of the best breeds of trees - a pine and a cypress, walls are trimmed by gold and silver, columns in Ena`s temple which was part of the palace are imposed with gold...

Thoughts of the commander, meanwhile, were far - the reform of army conceived by him had to give fresh strength in the Macedonian army exhausted and exhausted with campaigns. Flashed quite recently, in August, revolt in its ranks disturbed Alexander, but not got used to deviate from planned, the tsar remained is faithful to himself - now in the ranks of primordially Macedonian army also Asians will be at war in spite of the fact that it caused so big discontent Greeks. Even in an elite cavalry of getayr where before had the right to serve only natives of the Greek nobility, Persians and other representatives of the people of the new power of Alexander appeared now Noise somewhere in the depth of the palace for a moment distracted

from thoughts, but already it went deep into reflections again - ahead serious preparation for a campaign to Arabian Peninsula, and there, look, and invincible Carthage will fall before the new master.

Images of the new ships which were under construction in harbor of Babylon still owned Alexander`s imagination when the sense of the words of the servant turned to it began to reach it. Hiding eyes it is also frightened looking back through a shoulder as if being afraid of something, the corridor threatening from depth, that told something about Gefestiona, about an illness, about the doctor... It is sick? The presentiment of trouble captured the terrible conqueror of the world, trouble from which there is no rescue. Without having listened to the end of the last words, the tsar rushed along palace corridors to the friend`s rooms.

It is sick? How he did not notice why he did not know to these? Whether long ago it is sick? Whether it is serious? These questions rushed in Alexander`s head while he almost ran in Gefestion`s bedroom. A minute more - and it, having opened the doors, stood on the doorstep of the room of the best friend. Gefestion lay, covered with warm blankets, on his face sweat streamed, eyes feverishly shone, the gray shadow fell on a suntanned face. Gefestion died, and any person in the world, even such great as Alexander, could not rescue it. Having faced the friend, covered with deadly pallor, Alexander refused to believe that there is in this world one...

... Gefestion and Alexander - they were close friends since childhood. How many it is together endured - and not to count. Children`s entertainments, comic fights where the knee broken in blood was for small scratch, comprehension of the world together with Aristotle opening for them new knowledge. The first military campaigns, Alexander`s ascension to glory, heavy battles, new campaigns and new battles - Gefestion was always near. From all with whom the tsar of Macedonia grew and grew up, perhaps, only Gefestion sincerely loved the tsar, the Alexander. Not for honors and awards, not for gold and lands with which the master of a half of the world could present. For Gefestion the tranquility and Alexander`s happiness which became his sincere care was the main thing and it was highly appreciated by Alexander.

Not incidentally before a campaign to India, the campaign which was nearly costing to Alexander life it made Gefestion in hiliarkh the Persian rank doing it practically by a face, the second after the tsar, in the state. The above Gefestion (and higher already there was practically no place) rose, especially he was envied, the he made more and more enemies...

... The last soldiers left the ruined palace. Cyrus Veliky`s creation any more will never cause such enthusiastic views - all valuable is taken out, gold from columns is torn off, statues are destroyed. However, not all. Two lions as terrible guards, sit at gate and silently look after the removed army. Lions whom Gefestiona Alexander shaken by death ordered to put in memory of the friend as faithful keepers of gate of the city. Having developed a horse, Alexander darted the last glance at until recently magnificent walls and towers of the palace. It any more never here will return. It is too much pain. In this place he lost forever the best friend, the Gefestiona. One more look towards the palace - and as if in reply met Alexander the Great`s views and one of the stone lions protecting an entrance to the palace. A millennium later the terrible security guard of gate Ekbatan here will also look at the people passing by him and, perhaps, will remain the only thing who saw pain of the great tsar from loss of the close friend.

The destiny at a lion, however, will be hard, however, as well as destiny of the palace of Cyrus. In the abyss of centuries he will lose the fellow - the second guard of gate will be ruthlessly broken by the next conquerors. Deylemita, the former citizens of the Caliphate who turned the weapon against the owners in 931, more than one thousand years later later Macedon, will intrude in the city carrying then already the name Hamadan, and their leader, the commander Mardavidzh ibn Ziyar who became famous for the ferocity will wish to deliver one of lions in Ray, the city in present Iran.

However the burden will be too heavy, Mardavidzh will fail, and, having become angry on the lions who were passionlessly looking at the people who were without results trying to get moving forward them will enjoin to destroy guards of gate. So one of stone lions will die, and the destiny of the second will hang by a thread from death - soldiers with all the heart will mock at it, having beaten off paws and a mane. Having provided then a lion to will of destiny, they will leave the palace, having ruined it, as well as many to them. And only in 1949 the stone statue will be found, lifted and put on a pedestal in city park of Hamadan where costs to this day.

And today, as well as thousands years ago, he still looks eyes unseeing already at the valley stretched before it with a panorama of the disappeared ancient city. Probably, it could porasskazat a lot of things to us about days past when under the arches of the palace tsars feasted, the ring of gold coins was heard, seductively moved the dancer`s hips. As rejoiced and upset, loved and hated, trusted and betrayed those who at an entrance were met by silence by a terrible lion and also silently saw off.

He saw great tsars of the past, nice and sad days of the palace, and nowadays, still passionlessly looking at us today`s, silently looks forward which, quite perhaps, for it is not so foggy, as for us.