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The rhetorical analysis of the speech of the president for New year of

on the basis of the New Year`s speech of the president we will deal with what on a rhetorical slang is called thesis of the speech . The thesis is the main thought of your performance, that that you want to leave in the heads of listeners.

It is that your thought which you want to make thought of your audience. At people after performance it has to not just develop general impression ; at them the concrete idea with which they, in - the first, agree is obliged to appear, and in - the second - so it are well understood that are ready to broadcast it further.

One idea. Only one, but it has to be clear, concrete, well explained and proved, and capable to change if not life then a mentality of your listeners.

So, New Year`s speech of the president. It is taken from Kremlin. ru


Dear citizens of Russia! Dear friends!

This night I have several unique minutes when I can address each of you.

The expiring year was not the simplest in life of our country. And first of all I want to thank you for the fact that we together are able to hold blow. And to overcome difficulties. So, we will move forward. To create the strong and modern state. Steady and clever economy. To do everything that life of each person became comfortable and safe.

There comes year 65 - the anniversaries of the Great Victory. Our total debt - to care for those who were at war for our freedom. And we have to be worthy this Victory. We still should make a lot of things. New year is a new chance. And we should not miss it. And the success of our actions depends on each of us. From what each of us will make for the family and for the country.

New year - a favourite family holiday. Today we think of the closest people - about our parents to whom we wish first of all health. About our children. We very much love you and very much we hope for you. We want that at you everything turned out. We want that you were happy.

Dear friends!

New year - it is already absolutely close. There were several moments. It is time to make wishes. Let your most cherished dreams will come true! Let near you there will be dearest and closest people! Let everything will be good!

Be happy!

With new, 2010!


What we see? We see not just one thought, not just two, and we see many thoughts. It is vain to consider that there are a lot of thoughts - it is good. It is a lot of thoughts in general, in principle - it, of course, is good. But only not in that case when among them there is no main. When there is no hierarchy, there is no main thing and there is no minor. There is no taxonomy.

If in one speech you try to tell at once about your grandmother, about national team on soccer, about need of shooting of unreasonably increased population of Siberian tigers, about advantage of phosphorus for work of a brain and about superiority of ZhK of matrixes of IPS over PVA matrixes - be sure that people in the heads will have porridge.

It is necessary to speak only about one. One speech - one main thought. Everything that you tell, owes straight lines and treat evidently the main thought of your performance. Alas, but in the considered speech of the president, we do not find attempt of such structurization.

In the beginning the president speaks about the difficult last year - clear and even necessary subject of the New Year`s address. But whether this subject is main? - No. Further the president assures that at us everything will turn out, and we will be strong, more than ever is an excellent subject for New Year`s performance, but also it does not find development, breaking together with the second paragraph. The following thought - 65 years of the Victory, very shortly given and not developed at all. The following thought - that the success of the country depends on each of us. Following - about a family holiday and parents, following - that the state loves us. And then happiness wishes.

About what this performance? What did the president want to tell? What did he try to obtain this speech?

It seems, the New Year`s address did not work well just because in it is mute there is no main thought. Besides what to allocate it does not make special work.

For example: let that that " will be the main thought; the success of Russia depends on each of us . Then the first paragraph is changed on the " type; year was heavy, but troubles rallied us, we became closer to each other, and understood that only together, efforts of everyone, we can achieve success of the country . We change the second paragraph in something: Russia was always strong a unification of citizens, concordant rush of each certain person won the Victory which we celebrate in Coming . We turn the third paragraph into expansion of such thought: now for success of Russia superefforts are not necessary, we need to begin with small - with our relatives; give everyone will begin right now, New year - the house holiday . And to finish everything like it: let in Coming at you everything it will turn out because then it will turn out also at all of us, at Russia .

As you can see, all highlights of the original speech remain, but at the same time they coordinate with the main thought - the success of Russia depends on each of us. This thought will be easy to be remembered and reproduced, it will remain in memory of listeners. In a present look the New Year`s address of the president is doomed to oblivion. Here you, for example, long remembered what Dmitry Medvedev on the night of January first spoke about? In that and business.

Each speech has to have one main thought.