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How to keep a backbone healthy?

For a start - try to answer idle time (at first sight) a question - to what of human bodies it is most subject to action of a stress? No, it is not a brain as it is often considered to be, and it is not warm - vascular system. It - kostno - muscular system together with skin. Why? Because it is our natural barrier between an organism and environment. This system - 80% of mass of the person, 80% of his nervous terminations and the volume of the circulating blood.

On barriers, by definition, the greatest loading lays down. Thanks to their smoothly running work both the brain, and heart normally function. And vice versa - violations in work of barrier systems always lead to violations of functions of internals. In this regard our ancestors sometimes were wiser than us - remember such informative words as spineless spineless to stand on the own two feet flexible and others.

One of the main problems of health of the modern person - chronic underloading oporno - the motive device of the person owing to increasing technicalization work and life, inability or unwillingness to lead a healthy lifestyle - a prevention basis. Reduction of systematic and harmonious loadings on kostno - muscular system, and in particular leads a spine column (our main axis) to a number of negative consequences.

In - the first, it deprives an organism of the most powerful source of the ascending impulsation harmonizing work of the central nervous system. It results, in turn, in deficiency of the substances counterbalancing the central nervous system - mediators. On this background habitual negative irritants can gain superstrong character, mental self-control becomes feasible only by means of the stupefying substances, extreme kinds of activity or psychopharmacological preparations that closes vicious circle . Usual is a state irritable weakness - alternation of the periods of recession and the impulsive, exhausting activity.

In - the second, against violations, habitual for all of us, vodno - a salt exchange backbone osteochondrosis develops. Experts define it as it is degenerate - a dystrophic disease with decrease in height of intervertebral disks, losses of elasticity by them, to thinning of structure of bone substance, swelling (hypostasis) in places of an exit of backs of spinal nerves.

From all departments of a backbone the most vulnerable is cervical - his vertebras the most fragile, and the proximity to a brain, cranial nerves and sense organs sets the tasks which are not making mistakes and failures in work for cervical department.

Initial manifestations of disorders of activity of cervical department, probably, are known to the majority. This decrease in physical working capacity and intellectual efficiency (fast fatigue, decrease in concentration of attention, slackness and drowsiness), meteosensitivity to differences of weather and, of course, pain - head and in the most cervical department of a backbone. At external survey it is easy to notice curvatures, not - the correct landing of the head, weakness of muscles of a neck, restriction of volume of movements.

For treatment and prevention many means are offered. Efficiency of some is very selective as they work only in skillful hands (for example, massage and manual therapy). Besides, the mentioned treatment demands not only periodic repetition of courses, but also and time very expensive in our dynamic century and compensation of experts (that not everyone can regularly afford). You should not be engaged in it as self-treatment (self-massage and exercises) already because at the same time it is difficult to achieve uniform relaxation of muscular groups and right application of forces to different sites kostno - muscular system. Procedure in itself samomassazhasozdat local muscular tension. The address to any representatives " is even more imprudent; alternative medicine promising fast occurrence of fantastic results for the sum considerable sometimes.

Big and, the main thing - safe results for prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone, other diseases of this zone (for example, consequences of injuries) can achieve by means of application of orthopedic means including wearable on a body. The cervical collar can be a classical example of such means. Its medical effect is under construction on soft fixing and support of cervical department and is swept especially up at systematic application. Muscular weakness and constraint disappear, working capacity improves, pains are weakened or disappear.

As means, already received a deserved assessment, it is possible to note cervical collars of " firm; Panacea . It is possible to examine and order the pleasant model on the website PanaSheya more attentively. ru. Passed necessary certification, various on rigidity degree, design execution and price range, they are capable to respond to the requests of most of our compatriots for which problems with cervical department of a backbone are not an empty phrase, but a pressing problem.

One more common distinctive feature of all line of these products is comfort of carrying. At last, application of a cervical collar does not exclude carrying out all other types of complex treatment and prevention of diseases of a backbone.

Health to you!