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How to choose the cell phone?

you Should not give in upon purchase of the cell phone on arrangements of sellers, on external design of the device. You buy a thing which you will leave only at night and it has to serve to you reliable service without breaking at midpoint. Now producers try to push in phone as much as possible all functions and frills. What is only costed by a camera. On quality of pictures it a little than concedes to ordinary models of cameras. It rather conveniently for yourself that on walks or on holiday you should not take with yourself the camera. Built in mr - the 3rd player, the same on quality of sounding it is possible to compare safely to usual mr - 3 players, and a possibility of support enough capacious memory cards, to 32 GB allows to store just huge number of photos, video and musical compositions on phone. The separate attention is deserved by the Internet. Where you would not be if at you are near at hand modern the mobile phone, you easily will be able to visit any sites. To communicate with friends in schoolmates, to correspond by mail and many other things. Phones with two of these cards became lately very popular. It is very convenient, sim cards at the same time work, at the same time it is possible to save funds for telephone negotiations considerably. Key factors on what it is necessary to give special value.

1) Period of duration of autonomous operation of the accumulator of the mobile phone. It is

welcome the most essential parameter. Will depend on this parameter as

for a long time your phone will be able to function without recharge. If you are

a beret the mobile phone only for talk, then it is possible to manage and not really

the power-intensive battery. Average capacity of accumulators today not less

of 700 mAh. Therefore show attentiveness to this factor. If you buy

the mobile phone not only for talk, but also for entertainments - listening

of music, viewing of video, photography, the Internet, then remember that all this

consumes a lot of energy. Here already enough

will need the power-intensive rechargeable battery, from 700 mAh above.

2) the Following parameter is a quality of reception of a signal. If you live in

the remote village where quality of reception of a signal very weak, then buy

phone with the external antenna. It of course will be reflected in dimensions and design of the device.

Is other option, in addition to phone to get the antenna amplifier, on

to the price it and in any way will not be reflected not by the road in design of phone.

3) phone Dimensions. For certain, you should not explain that the less mobile phone

sizes, the more conveniently. Though if you use often mobile Internet,

watch video, read on the screen of the cell phone of the book, then the small

size of the device will very not be convenient for you. If the mobile phone small, then

it is natural and it will have a small display. To choose phone without running at the same time on shops, we recommend to you to use the specialized websites of online stores. On such websites you will be able to learn detailed technical characteristics and descriptions of phones, and also to look at their appearance.

Here probably and all. Pay special attention to these moments upon purchase of cellular

phone not to be disappointed at its further operation.