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If you decided to become the adoptive parent of

the Foster home is one of forms of the family device (along with adoption and guardianship) children - orphans and children without parental support.

Adoptive parents in relation to adopted child(children) have rights and the trustee`s duties. Adoptive parents are lawful representatives of adopted child(children) and can represent their interests in all bodies including in court.

Total number of children in a foster home, including blood, should not exceed 8 people.

The device of children in a foster home does not involve emergence between adoptive parents and prikemny children of alimentary and hereditary legal relationship.

Legal relationship between the child and adoptive parents stop after the term of the contract on transfer of the child to a foster home.

How to organize a foster home?

1. Persons interested to take one or several children on education in a foster home have to address to body of guardianship and guardianship at the place of residence and to submit the application with a request to draw the conclusion about vozmozhk to Nosta to be adoptive parents.

For preparation of the conclusion are applied:

- the medical certificate about a state of health;

- the document confirming existence of housing;

- the copy of the certificate on a marriage (if are married);

- reference or declaration on the income;

- the written consent of all family members to which the child is given;

- characteristic.

2. Agencies of guardianship and guardianship sign the contract on transfer of child(children) for education to a foster home with adoptive parents.

3. The contract is signed for a certain term.

That it is necessary to adoptive parents:

1. A lump sum by transfer of the child on education in a family.

2. A monthly allowance on keeping of the adopted child.

3. Additional money to a monthly allowance on keeping of the children who are on education in foster homes.

4. A salary to the parent (everyone) for education of one child