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Top 11. The most awful women - murderers in the history of

the Top 11. The most awful women - murderers in the history

11. Darya Nikolaevna Saltykova ( Saltychikh ) 1730-1801

the Russian landowner who became history as the most sophisticated sadist and the murderer of 139 serfs, generally women subject to it and girls.

10. The queen Mary I, 1516 - 1558

the Daughter of the English king Henry VIII and his first wife became history as the monarch trying to return the country to a bosom rimsko - Catholic church after her father, having quarreled with the Pope, declared himself the head of new Anglican church. Restoration passed the countries against cruel executions of Protestants, persecutions and murders of the innocent population for what in the people the queen was nicknamed Maria Krovavoy.

9. Maira Hindley, 1942 - 2002

Serial the murderer which created the crimes together with the accomplice Ian Bryan. They got the nickname English Bonnie and Clyde . criminals stole

for several years, outraged and tortured to death of five minor children aged from 10 till 17 years.

8. Isabella Kastilskaya, 1451 - 1504

Isabella Kastilskaya became famous for the cruelty in relation to non Catholics: the passionate and devout Catholic, she appointed Thomas Torkvemada the first great inquisitor and laid the foundation to an era of religious cleanings. At Isabella Kastilskaya Spain was left by the most part of Jews and Arabs - it is more than 200 thousand people, and remained forced to adopt Christianity that, however, seldom saved new converts from death on a fire.

7. Beverley Ellit, 1968 -

the English nurse nicknamed death angel in 1991 killed four little patients of hospital and did serious harm to health of five more. It entered to children insulin or potassium to cause severe heart attack and to imitate natural death. Motives of a crime are still unknown.

6. Bell Gannes, 1859 - 1931

This American became the most famous woman - the murderer in the history of the USA after killed both husbands, own daughters, several admirers and lovers. A main objective - receiving payments for life insurance. In total it killed 30 people.

5. Mary Ann Kotton, 1832 - 1873

Poisoned with arsenic about 20 people. For all the life the criminal killed several husbands, the children and even own mother. For it it was sentenced to death by hanging. The executioner directing her execution intentionally prolonged her tortures, having forgotten to beat out from - under legs condemned a stool.

4. Elza Koch, 1906 - 1967

Elza Koch, Bukhenvaldsky witch was a wife of the commandant of the concentration camp. Tormented prisoners, whipped them, scoffed and killed. Committed suicide in prison in 1967.

3. Irma Griz, 1923 - 1945

One of the most cruel supervisors of female extermination camps Ravensbryuk, Auschwitz and Bergen - Belzen in Hitlerite Germany. Prisoners nicknamed it - the Fair-haired devil. Torturing prisoners, she resorted as to physical, and psychological violence, killed to death women and had a good time, shooting at prisoners. It starved the dogs then to set them on the victims.

2. Catherine Knight, 1956 -

First in the history of Australia the woman sentenced to life imprisonment without the right for pardon. In October, 2001 during family quarrel it killed the 44 - the summer cohabitant. She struck it about 30 blows with a knife for cutting of meat, on drugatsya over a body of the former friend then skinned with a corpse.

In completion of all Catherine Knight dismembered a corpse and extinguished the cut-off head together with vegetables. Motive of a crime - banal offense. As investigators found out, the cohabitant Knight decided to break up with her, to turn out and disinherit.

1. Elizabeth Batory, 1560 - 1614

Hungarian countess better known as Bloody lady . Tormented and killed servants and peasants: cruelly beat them, burned down hands, breasts, genitals, faces and other parts of a body with the heated iron, skinned even living victims, starved, scoffed and forced. In 1610 it was concluded under house arrest on a charge of murders, heresy and sorcery. On process the servants of the lock could not call exact number of the victims of the sadist: the close countesses who appeared on a dock spoke about four - five tens killed, other servants assured that corpses in hundreds took out. Batory died a natural death in 1614.