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How to create tranquility and harmony? At that time to Diana was 12

, Cali - 8 and Maari - 4 years. They decided to write down and release video with the cheerful name Expectation of the best . We issued that video quite originally: Diana ahead, and from - for her backs appeared at first Cali, and then, in turn, Maari. And all this fun came to an end with the inscription And now our father, Bernard Percy . I still store that video, and together with it and memories of how my daughters worked hard to help me with work. Really, that experience was unique, and every time when I include video, I endure the moment of a pacification and harmony again.

of Cali is a lazy athlete

of Cali there were 10 years, we regularly trained, preparing it for the first participation in running on 5 kilometers. Once she very much did not want to run and agreed only after I told that it will run only a quarter of kilometer. Having run this distance, I noticed that she wants to stop, but all - convinced her to reach the house, i.e. a quarter more of kilometer. As soon as we appeared near the house, I suggested it to run a quarter more of kilometer.

Thus, I is imperceptible for Cali forced it to pass quite impressive distance: it ran more than six kilometers. Kali was more than is happy that she was persistent and did not stop running. She understood how its persistence allowed it to achieve the objectives which, in her opinion, were unattainable. Her look full of pleasure and satisfaction from a victory over itself was the great moment of satisfaction and pleasure for me. Comments and supervision Find

minute and remember those times when you as the parent, endured the similar unique moment. What made it such special for you? And what you can undertake to create more than such situations?

Personally for me one of such moments was when my children seriously decided to make something that in some way could promote strengthening of a family. Further they created what really rallied all of us. For example, Maari`s song created for me or the book of Cali written for me about how it and her sisters are happy that I am their father, Diana`s drawing which she drew to me when she was only 2,5 years old. It is the list of my most favourite and precious memoirs as father, and the harmony moments between my children and me.

Bernard Percy.

Reference: Bernard Percy is a teacher, the consultant, the expert in the field of education of children and the solution of family questions; the author of books and numerous and publications, among which How to grow up the child councils of children to parents Help the child with " school;; cofounder and editor-in-chief of the " magazine; Converge . More than 20 years is the Representative of the international Applied Education. Successful family man, father of three children.

On July 31 2010 Mr. Bernard Percy will hold a seminar Education Art: how to grow up the successful child . If you want to participate in a seminar, address to office Applied Formation of the CIS by phones 509 - 46 - 02, 680 - 66 - 73, an e-mail of info@apscis. ru.