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Which - that about a flank with kvass

In Moscow and Moscow area set in Her Majesty Zharishcha. Sounds as the beginning of the interesting fairy tale, here for some reason there is no wish to be only her hero. Brains and melt, the clothes stick to a body and there are a strong wish to beat the fat sweaty aunt, are casual privalivshuyusya to you in shop.

In such unhealthy situation it is resolutely impossible to work. Really only two things concern: the room with the conditioner (to reach quicker) and ice drinks. I remembered the gold childhood and decided to conduct, so to speak, historical market research :), devoted to soft drinks in the USSR.

Marketing on - Soviet

However, marketing simple Soviet citizens then did not know the word. Life differed in antique simplicity of customs and did not assume such quantity of small bottles on shelves of shops. And in it there was the homespun truth: why to muzz people when such simple and clear things as kvass in barrels, aerated water in automatic machines and Three Juice At Choice in the special device exist.

Wise Soviet sellers understood: you should not spend precious minutes of life for senseless and strange public relations of the sold product (as it is done by modern advertisers and marketing specialists). You want - drink, but you do not want - do not close space, behind you turn. Everything is fair: The Lord gave to people water and wine, nevertheless the rest - from the evil. Kvass in barrels

This legendary drink I also still remember

with affection and delight. Of course, you will not surprise with a characteristic yellow barrel and now, but now it looks profanation and a low genre. You who does not remember the USSR will never understand pure pleasure of possession when having defended hour or so - another with a can and a crumpled three, you received magic foamy liquid. And it was better to take two cans because supply of kvass was business not regular.

And surely to those cans it was bought takeout kvass in a glass mug of 0,25 l. (3rd cop) and 0,5 l. (6th cop). Which was drunk immediately on envy to losers, the jingling pathetic empty vessels somewhere at the end of turn. And though the Soviet kvass was unmercifully diluted (as, however, and draft beer), for some reason seems it still much more tasty than kvass present.

Aerated water in automatic machines

Oh, these sparkling bubbles in a throat when you drink off a water glass! When you go from the Yalta beach home, and there is a wish cold. And the first automatic machine at the exit from the « beach; Solar where always turn.

But you get three kopeks (if there is a syrup), and it is better - two times on three kopeks. Then drink is more sweet. And taste at it divine not to compare to present Coca / Pepsi or other poisonous aerated water in plasticity.

The glass was the general, it yes. But it served as the democracy indicator: in total in swimming trunks and all want to drink. Did not disdain this glass - rinsed also an order. Also you throw one for one kopeks (figs with it, with &ndash syrup; not always it was available) until the dried-up throat is sated with prickly bubbles.

Casting juice, Buratino`s

I lemonade in many grocery stores of the USSR stood installations with casting to juice. The choice did not shine with originality - every day there was a tomato juice, birch sap, apple juice (sometimes grape). But, I repeat: in this relentless stability there was some harmonious completeness, absolute status quo.

There were no reasons for disorders (and what today to choose?) so there were also no harmful stresses. Nervous health of the nation was protected by the guaranteed deliveries of the products checked decades. What psychoanalysts on horse-radish and antidepressants? You do not make laugh me.

Iron foot of the self-assured person you crossed a threshold of shop and stretched 20 kopeks. I loved tomato juice and, stirring the bound together salt taken from a special jar understood: life is fine and surprising. If mother brought home a small bottle of the most tasty lemonade Buratino or Dyushes, the seventh sky could be curtailed into a tubule and to put for emergency in a pocket.

Because this limit of happiness was not measured by anything. In a scale of pleasures only two things were higher: foreign chewing gum and small bottle » Pepsi;. However these bourgeois pleasures possessed the status of the yeti or a plateau of UFO: all know that they are :), but nobody personally saw them.

Here such drizzles visit me when behind a window +30. And what you want to drink now :) if we for a minute forget about beer?