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It seems, there is also a wish and that that stops

Think it happens at many., It seems, here it is advisable to rise a bit earlier that all to be in time or you see the beautiful girl and it is direct you think here it, it is necessary to work or you know that if now to approach the boss and to talk about salary increase that all to turn out, but . there are thousands of excuses in the head and you do nothing. That seems to you that today it is possible to have a sleep still. that you think that you look silly, without meeting a situation or that next time precisely The following time will not be!!!!! Stopudov! Why? Because as our teacher on philosophy spoke telling about the next Platon - Aristotle - it is impossible to enter one river twice. Next time all will be on another and whether will be in general? There is a question.

Why does that happen - difficult to tell. I read a lot of any literature and there is no definite answer there. Someone says about uncertainty in himself, someone else that that. Several factors - a social framework, life experience, education of parents seem to me here. All is imposed one on another and as a result each person will have some such restrictions in the head on some single questions. All have them different. Kama stir Kama is not present. For example if in the childhood, and now you already do not remember it, you admitted to someone what that and just laughed at you (or still something)) that in the future it will leave the mark and you will act proceeding from this installation, justifying the behavior with some other motives. About it I read at several authors of different subjects + observed from own life and life of people around. There is nothing to doubt. Generally here so happens. And what with it to do? The similar low-quality behavior when you limit yourself in decision-making, based on wrong conclusions of subconsciousness, can affect all your life not to the best, not allow to receive that you want, to take away from the planned purpose. In our country communication with the psychologist as that is not accepted. And actually in such situations the expert really could help to clear why anyway there is also that with it can be made. Other question that this time, money and desire. And there is not a lot of good experts, especially in the small cities. It is possible of course most to try to understand why anyway occurs in some situations. But to tell on own experience for this purpose first it can is necessary to read a lot of literature, to have an idea of that as in similar situations other people and what it were situations arrived. And on obtaining similar information not one year can leave. But it unconditionally will be useful. And it is possible to use also it here by method, without stopping the not less in obtaining information. I do so when at me to appear feeling that it is not convenient to me - I just take and I do as if to myself on the evil, through this force limiting you. For example you in new collective, work less than a week, and understand that it would be necessary as that to communicate with people around and that will think that a thread not that you any usual and. td. t. e means that it is necessary to begin to build up gradually the relationship but not to wait when someone it does the first in relation to you. And in too time some feeling not of dexterity appears, it seems to me that about bo to me will think as that not so that I will seem persuasive, not tactful and t. d that is in the head some counteraction to my desire to make friends at once begins. And trying to find the reason for it is I it I do not find. thoughts run away somewhere and give any hogwash and not that it is really important. So was quite often in my life so far I at last did not understand that it limits me and does not allow to develop. Then I made decisions - I will do all the same that I want - because I - That who operate the body. Generally I just take and I do. For example it is necessary to start talking to someone. I do not wait at me so far to appear this feeling - I at once approach and I speak. About what? I have several prepared subjects. Everyone can have them. And then all as that turns out . and recently I noticed that similar thoughts that it is inconvenient to me to start talking to unfamiliar or unfamiliar people disappeared. t. e to me not to have to look for excuses any more, I take and I do. and then I understood that the brain gets used to that is that time of his fear did not justify themselves that we will act according to the new program. And in this program not the place to concern and bad thoughts. It works in many situations.

To understand the main thing that what more repetitions will be what not pleasantly but is necessary for you, the quicker you and your brain will understand that it is natural and normal. And then everything will be good and correct