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How to delay emergence of wrinkles?

come a lot of positive With age: wisdom, respect, long-awaited grandsons, but besides the positive moments is also some unpleasant, including, a gray hair and wrinkles.

It is possible to get rid of a gray hair easily by means of a hair-dye, and here wrinkles - quite another matter. But experts say that there is a set of approaches to look much younger.

Protect skin from the sun. Too large number of the sun does the same that it does with dried fruits with your skin: it wrinkles it.

But if you decided to sunbathe, then try to follow several simple rules: do not appear on the sun between ten o`clock in the morning and two o`clock in the afternoon, buy protective cream and be careful of the reflecting surfaces. Most strongly wrinkles are formed at reflection of the sun from light surfaces, such as snow, sand and concrete.

you Come to the sun in sunglasses and a hat with fields, so you will be relieved of need to squint.

Avoid artificial suntan. From it form just the same rays of wrinkles, as well as on the sun.

But if you decide to avoid absolutely the sun, then be convinced that you receive enough vitamin D which can be filled by means of the milk enriched with this vitamin, or polyvitamins.

Do not grimace. Sometimes can afford grimaces, but to move often eyebrows, to squint, extend lips a tubule - means to cause over time formation of wrinkles or to worsen already available.

Wrinkles are also formed during a dream if the face is pressed into a pillow. If you have such habit, learn to sleep instead on a back or find such situation at which your pillow will remain flat.

of Fluctuation of weight - the worst enemy of skin. From increase in weight skin can stretch. Then as a result of loss of weight wrinkles because skin completely is not reduced to originally state can be formed.

Regularly do physical exercises. At people who have good physical shape, skin more elastic.

Eat properly. vitamins and mineral substances are important For a young type of skin. Among them the complex of vitamins B (beef, chicken meat, eggs, whole wheat, milk), vitamins A and With is important (fresh fruit and vegetables).

You do not smoke. Smoking damages your health, but also it can lead to premature wrinkles around a mouth because your lips often clenched in a tubule around a cigarette.

Do not give themselves to deceive advertizing of modern creams. When you buy miracle cream, may be, that it is a usual fake.

More carefully with soap water. Excessive washing results in dryness from which wrinkles are formed. Spend more time for rinsing, than for washing.

Use a humidifier. it is very good to Maintain humidity of air in the house for skin.

Massage a face. by means of finger-tips and palms of hands pound each site of the person and neck. Massage will help to increase blood circulation. It will also help to smooth face muscles which symmetry is often broken from - for the stiffened or intense face.

Use services of the makeup artist. Reasonable and correct use of a make-up helps to hide wrinkles.

Be slightly powdered. Sometimes people try to hide wrinkles by means of a make-up, but actually they only emphasize the wrinkles because rub the make-up having cream or oil which usually harden between wrinkles as a basis. If you want to hide wrinkles, then use only those products which have powder as a basis.

Avoid stresses. Communication between wrinkles and emotions can be only superficial, but happy people often smile, and the smile distracts attention of other people from any wrinkles.