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Christmas in Japan.

On closer examination the Christian world and its traditions are more covering and fancy, than can seem at first. The Christian world is also various, as well as the world in general. And Christmas in Japan can become one of unexpected opening. have some

of Christians in this amazing country, a little more than a percent of the population. In general Japanese are tolerant to any religions, and along with the Buddhism, a zen - the Buddhism, Taoism, Shintoism, it is possible to meet by Confucianism Orthodoxy, Catholicism and a lot of things still. And Christmas with its lots of fires, spangles, multi-colored spheres, tinsel, strangely enough, pleased very distinguished Japanese. It only at first sight will seem paradox. Refinement, actually characteristic of the Japanese art, and elitism enters contrast with traditions and the bright, shouting paints peculiar to some Shinto sanctuaries and temples, and also the most part of examples of national culture. Probably, therefore most of Japanese apprehended Christmas traditions with a bang, but only as a formal ceremony. And Christmas interests them first of all as an occasion to celebrate and have fun. And if for Japanese - Christians this holiday is filled with religious sense, then all others can even not suspect that it is connected with Christianity. It turned in Japan in a holiday of lovers. Those who consider Christmas as birthday of Santa Claus occur among Japanese also.

Mass media very much try to give to this holiday romantic character. So, flowers, jewelry, sweets have to become a Christmas gift. It is very refined to have the room in expensive hotel to celebrate Christmas with loved by a dinner at restaurant and romantic appointment. Japanese with pleasure decorate the areas and shops, exchange gifts, and purchase of cake for Christmas got a shade of national tradition in Japan. Cake is bought by the head of family on December 25 on the way from work home. If the husband on a trip, these honorary duties undertakes the spouse. Candy stores carry out monthly norm this evening. Noise, din, reduction of price - tomorrow cake will be necessary to nobody any more. Words Christmas " cake; Japan often applies to the marriageable girl. If till 25 years she does not marry, it is required big markdown to attach it further.

Japanese explain the tradition to celebrate Catholic Christmas those that it simply gives them pleasure on a kurisumasa (the name of a holiday in Japanese so sounds) can decorate streets and houses, to organize parties, to cook Christmas pie, to meet darlings, to have fun in a circle of friends or families. And that can be better!