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How to excite the woman, slapping her in buttocks?

Slap the sexual partner can be quite exciting occupation for both. It should be noted at once what to splash does not mean to hurt. Women in this process are excited by feeling of helplessness and subordination, feeling of a warm male hand on buttocks and a presentiment of the subsequent sexual joys. For men the exciting effect is as follows: in feeling of control over the partner, in game with her attractive buttocks and in in its introduction to the corresponding mood for sex.

Before passing to the description of performance of this equipment it should be noted that the partner has to trust the partner, only in this case it is possible to reach exciting effect of a flop.

1. Expectation of time punishments . Expectation aggravates perception and strengthens sexual excitement. You can accent expectation differently. For example, having ordered to it to excite itself, execution time " will not come yet; punishments . Generally, make some kind of scenario according to which game has to develop.

2. Preparation to to punishment . the Following step of your scenario can become order to be prepared. It can include acceptance of a bathroom, special clothes, etc. If you tell that duration flop will depend on how it will be prepared, process of preparation will have absolutely other effect. It will force it to think of it constantly that it will influence extent of excitement.

3. Assessment of its appearance. Further by all means has to follow an assessment of her appearance. Investigate each inch of her body sensual contacts, comment on its readiness how it will be reflected on it punishment .

4. Think up ritual which it has to carry out before the beginning. She can kneel and ask for mercy. Always agree that she will be forgiven after punishments . You have to play thus as though punishment in the form of a flop it is carried out only by it on advantage and if she behaves as good girl during it, after it waits for encouragement.

5. You do not hurry to begin when it already costs in the necessary pose. Before splashing, play with her buttocks, squeezing, stroking as though checking their elasticity. At the same time you watch degree of her excitement. During stroking tell it as its buttocks after " will look; punishments . When it begins to shiver from excitement, can start, it is ready.

6. Beginning. When you begin to slap her, you can begin to do it through clothes. When you warmed it already enough, it is possible to pass to a flop on naked buttocks. It is necessary to alternate slaps to strokings as a flop essence in providing inflow of blood to the lower bodies, thereby to excite the partner, but not to hurt it. Slaps can also be combined with stimulation of a clitoris, an anus, vulvar lips and vaginas. Thus, she will associate a flop with other exciting things and will be excited more from a flop.

7. Correct equipment. the Most effective position of a palm when it is rounded off and fingers are squeezed together as in such situation the loudest sound is made, skin most strongly turns pink, but there is less pain. If she is not brought by such slaps, it is possible to try situation when a palm flat, fingers are divorced in the parties and are weakened. Pain will be published in such provision.

the Best effect gives slow speed with an irregular rhythm as the moment of a presentiment of a slap strengthens excitement.

So, once again it is necessary to tell what put not in number of slaps and their force here, and in bringing the woman to strong excitement, to readiness for further sexual action.