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How to treat quinsy?

Quinsy - the infectious disease which is characterized by an acute inflammation of palatal almonds (so-called tonsils) located in a drink on both sides from a uvula and a soft palate.

The disease is caused by various microbes, mainly the streptococci getting into a throat at close contact with the patient with quinsy, at the use of dirty products, use of dirty ware, etc. In some cases under the influence of adverse conditions the microbes which are in a drink and usually not defiant diseases become active. It is only enough to some people to overcool legs, to eat ice cream or to bathe in cold water to ache with quinsy. The disease can be promoted systematic irritation of a mucous membrane of a throat a smoke, dust, alcohol, etc., by chronic tonsillitis, nasopharynx diseases at which nasal breath is broken (for example, adenoides). Often repeating quinsies can be connected with chronic processes in a cavity of a nose and its additional bosoms (for example, antritis), and also the infection centers in an oral cavity (for example, caries of teeth).

The onset of the illness is sharp. There are an indisposition, weight in the head, pain when swallowing, dryness and a sadneniye in a throat. It seems to the diseased that the throat was narrowed (from here and there was a name quinsy what in Latin means to squeeze to constrain ) . Body temperature increases. Local changes in a throat depending on extent of defeat are shown by increase and reddening of almonds (catarrhal quinsy), education at their surfaces of a dot purulent raid (follicular quinsy), in some cases emergence of purulent raids in deepenings of almonds - lacunas (lacunary quinsy). Increase and morbidity of close located lymph nodes are possible.

In the first days of a disease (before normalization of body temperature) it is necessary to keep a bed rest. The food of the patient with quinsy has to be various, saturated with vitamins. Broths, liquid porridge, steam cutlets, kissels, plentiful drink are recommended (warm milk with alkaline mineral water, tea with a lemon). It is not necessary to eat spicy, rough and hot food. It is necessary to carry out correctly the procedures appointed by the doctor, including frequent rinsings. When rinsing it is recommended to use the following solution: on a glass of warm water salt teaspoon, pinch of soda and 3 drops of iodine. That medicine reached deep departments of a throat, when rinsing the head is strongly thrown back back. During procedure constrain breath that liquid did not get to a windpipe. Rinsing of a throat is carried out by no more than 2 - 3 min. Also sprays for a throat, the warm warming compresses, greasing of almonds are recommended by Lugol solution.

Quinsy - a disease infectious therefore allocate to the patient separate ware and a towel. Looking after the patient have to wash hands often. The ware which the patient used is carefully washed and boiled within 10 - 15 min., his clothes are washed separately. About a bed of the patient put to bank with disinfecting solution, for example margantsovokisly potassium, for a saliva splevyvaniye.

Usually the disease lasts 7 - 8 days and comes to an end with recovery. But also other outcome, especially is possible if the patient saw a doctor too late, did not carry out his instructions or was treated independently. Quinsy belongs to the artful diseases exerting serious impact on all organism. It can become the reason of inflammatory process in kidneys, rheumatism, multiple damage of joints.

At most of people quinsy arises incidentally with an interval in several years, but in some cases changes in almonds do not disappear completely and sharp inflammatory process passes into chronic. At frequent repetition of quinsies, and also at the complications caused by them (damage of heart, kidneys, joints etc.) it is necessary to resort to removal of almonds - tonzillektomiya.

Preventive actions can be divided on individual and the general. As one of the reasons of quinsy is overcooling, the organism hardening literally from first months of life of the child (water procedures, air and solar bathtubs, exercises), and also the local tempering procedures, for example systematic rinsings of a throat is recommended by chilled water.

Developing of quinsy is promoted in no small measure by alcohol. The tobacco smoke annoyingly affects a mucous membrane of a throat. Smoking in the period of an illness is especially harmful that often leads to sharp deterioration in a state. Refer improvement of environment to the general actions, in particular in conditions of production (elimination of dust content, smoke etc.). For the persons who often have quinsy dispensary supervision has to be established.

Health to you!