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Whom it is easier to raise: boys or girls?

the Sex of the child matters in questions of education, however the identity of parents and their expectation also should be considered at the answer to the matter.


Education of girls

of Mother, bringing up girls, face a certain set of difficulties. Below the most often found problem traits of character which, owing to big prevalence, can be carried to stereotypes are described.

Girls are more emotional

Many mothers notice that at girls at younger age the mood often changes: from sad to cheerful, from friendly to sad - unlike boys who are more inclined to go down stream .

Argue more often and contradict

of the Girl begin to speak earlier, and owing to certain features of development they quicker and better gain verbal skills. Yes, it is good, on the one hand. On the other hand you should deal with all whims, objections and other manifestations of process of formation of the personality.

Emotionally aggressive

Boys show the aggression by physical methods whereas girls attack the offender verbal means: spiteful comments, rumors, can not communicate, exclude from games and ignore in every possible way.


Education of boys

according to mothers, the most problem aspects of educational process of boys the following:

Boys are aggressive and active physically

They constantly in the course of game: rush, jump, use furniture as springboards, fall. Boys are always ready to break something or to damage. There is it for two reasons: from - for high physical activity and low level of empathy which influences that boys badly understand that to break or to damage - it is bad.

Verbal communication right at the beginning presents a certain difficulty

Verbal skills at boys begin to develop later, than at girls. Differs as well style of these skills. Girls are more inclined to discuss several options, boys express only what they precisely want to receive, take or make. For example, the situation with the choice - what animated film to look. The girl will discuss with you both and your options, the boy will hold the ground that Pokemons - the best animated film.

Any activity is turned into competition

They compete with peers, with brothers and sisters, with parents. If you raise two boys, then sometimes the passion to rivalry helps if you want that children put on quicker, or ate quicker, etc.

However stereotypes not always work

Typically man`s or typically female the behavior occurs at both floors. In order that education was not for you a nightmare, it is necessary to define what causes attacks of bad mood in your child and as to fight against it:

He is a noisy child. Advantage: your son grows physically active and sociable that will allow it to take in the future the good place in life. That child not demented you also did not carry the apartment, it is necessary to take a number of measures: every day the child has to play actively in the open air, since the early childhood it can be written down in sports section.

She is able to flatter and try to obtain the, forcing you to change the point of view. Advantage: the girl grows at persistent. It has an obvious verbal talent, she is able to convince people of the point of view. Support this talent, communicate with it on subjects which are interesting to both. If your opinions do not coincide, you as mother do not want that she did something, try to keep cool and agree to differ, as if furiously the child did not argue with you.

It breaks toys, takes them to pieces. Advantage: the girl wants to know how they are arranged, it is a sign of intellectual curiosity. In that case buy the toys which are specially intended for process of knowledge, a toy which understand and gather. If the child just derives pleasure because breaks, hide expensive toys until she learns to spoil them.

What, you think, there will be an answer to a question of the one whom it is easier to raise? It is correct if to refuse stereotypes, then difficulties in education of the child do not depend on a floor - everything is defined by character and the personality. Do not assign to children of unjustified expectations. Concentrate on development of the child in the right direction. Always you find advantages even in most harmful traits of character, as, perhaps, they harmful only in your eyes.