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Game " School;

Purpose. Ability formation to creatively develop a game plot. Training of children is fair to cast in games. Motivation of children to reproduce household and socially useful work of adults in games.

Game material. Dolls, furniture, construction material, game attributes (the magazine, notebooks, handles, pencils), objects - deputies.

Preparation for game. Excursion in school. Conversation with the teacher 1 - go a class. Reading works of L. Voronko - howl Girlfriends go to " school; or E. Moshkovskoy We play in " school; etc. Joint games with children of preparatory group.

Game roles. Teacher, pupils.

game Course. Before beginning game, the tutor will organize excursion in school. There children meet teachers, children - school students, talk to them. It is also necessary to spend children on all school: to show classes, the dining room, workshops, a locker room etc. Then in group to discuss the impressions about


Then for further enrichment of knowledge of school the tutor reads to children L. Voronkova`s work Girlfriends go to " school; (or E. Moshkovskoy We play in " school; etc.) . After that conversation about what means to be a school student who teaches a lesson what accessories the school student has, etc. follows. Also the teacher helps children with mastering means of expression of realization of a role (intonation, a mimicry, gestures).

Together with children the teacher can make attributes for game: the magazine for the teacher, bandages for persons on duty etc. of

in the course of game at construction of the schoolhouse or a class the teacher develops design creativity and ingenuity of children, encourages a construction of the interconnected constructions (the street, school, the park of Culture, the bridge, an underground passage); suggests to use in constructions auxiliary material (cords, pegs, plates, cones, a wire, etc.) .

Receptions of the management of this game are various: execution by the tutor of a role teachers conversations with children how they will play, joint construction of school, a class. Use of such receptions promotes the independent organization by children of games where they work according to the selective interests (conduct lessons of reading, physical cultures, mathematics).

Acting as the equal partner or carrying out the leading (minor) role, the teacher has to influence indirectly change of the game environment, conduct correction of the game relations.

the Tutor also has to promote reproduction in games of household and socially useful work of adults. To consolidate knowledge Traffic regulations (the road from the house to school and back) to unite the games close on subject, creating a possibility of long collective games: Family - " School; - Road to " school; - Travel on the city .