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While I live - I hope ?


The word, short, habitual for hearing, we hear this daily, but we begin to understand its sense not at once. I realized sense when I became the volunteer of " charity Foundation; Help Business! two years ago.

As for many people, it appears, health is an unattainable dream!

As for many people the letter to charity foundation - as the last hope.

Ania Tupikina, 24 - x the summer girl from Bashkiria, has a rare and incurable disease: spinalno - a muscular atrophy, Verdniga - Goffmana. Children with such disease usually do not live till five years. This genetic disease, it leads to the fact that at the person muscles, " will very quickly atrophy; it is twisted the backbone, internals remain in literal sense, without support . Ania constantly feels the most severe internal pains.

Here that Ania wrote to us about herself: The School program of the teacher was taught at home, a lot of things had to be learned most as there were very few allocated hours on house training. But it did not prevent to graduate from school with a silver medal and to continue training further. At us the small town, practically any public place, educational institution and establishment it is not equipped under a wheelchair therefore, later are sewn up the diploma I not could get a job. And the state of health gradually worsens. The most severe scoliosis progresses already. The weakening muscles just cannot hold a back. The rest of forces leaves on more or less to hold itself sitting and not to be filled up sideways. Doctors registered a semifixed orthopedic corset with recommendations to carry no more than two hours a day as from it there is an atrophy of muscles not only backs even more, and as a result at such disease and all internals, in particular lungs. As I spend almost all day sitting in a wheelchair, terrible backbone pains began and the corset became my one and only rescue from them. But problems with digestion and breath because all internals on the one hand are squeezed by the bent backbone, and with another an orthopedic corset began.

I just did not see an exit from this vicious circle so far, did not come across on the Internet the letter of the girl with the same disease, as at me which prepared for operation in Finland on correction of scoliosis. At my main disease, nobody in our country did operation on correction of scoliosis earlier as we have no system of a survival for such patients. Left that help to me can be given only in Europe. And I began to look for money for a trip. By means of not indifferent people I managed to collect the sum necessary for a trip on consultation. But at that moment so far we waited for registration of international passports I learned that with the same disease as at me CYTO undertake to operate the girl in Moscow.

In hope, as I can be helped with our country I called backbone pathologies, CYTO in Office. Explained a situation, asked as it is possible to get on consultation, but I was answered that geographically it is simpler to me to address doctors in my republic, namely the neurosurgeon Baklanov A. N. working in the city of Salavat. It turned out that the remarkable doctor works in the neighboring city long ago and productively!

In February the first consultation at Andrey Nikolaevich took place. Such friendly, sympathetic, attentive doctor! From his words technically to perform operation does not represent special difficulties, but they can arise with an anesthesia and an exit from it therefore it was necessary to receive opinion of the anesthesiologist and resuscitators. On the second consultation we got permission and from them! My pleasure was not a limit! Especially after words of the doctor that I will have almost completely equal back, and most important I will not need to carry a corset any more. Bodies will rise into place, lungs will finish, and I will be able to breathe a full breast, on them will not press either a corset, or scoliosis any more. I will have no need to spend so many forces for deduction of directly . Instead of muscles which hold a backbone at healthy people my backbone will hold a titanic framework which will fasten to my vertebras will also fix by plates. Of course, after this operation I will not go all the same and forces at me will hardly increase, but to me will sit much more comfortably and easier, quality of life considerably to improve and there will pass pains in the squeezed bodies. And for me and it is already a lot of.

I had a hope again, and it is more real, than operation abroad .

The cost of a titanic design and operation made 836 613 rubles. Thanks to the help of many people the most part of money is already collected.

Never asked for the help, always tried to get out of difficult situations by own efforts, but in this question unaided we will not cope... Help, please! - Ania asks us.

The girl who lives and hopes contrary to everything.

Victoria Bondarenko, volunteer

of " Charity Foundation; Help Business!

Phone of administration of Fund 8 (906) 208 - 80 - ________________________________ I REPORT 80


With PLEASURE that funds for Anna are raised by means of kind people!

The other day to Anna is performed the required operation.