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How to make so that you were noticed?

to Get a job is only a first step, it is far more difficult to make so that you were noticed Now not so simply to find

good work which both was pleasant, and brought moral and material satisfaction. In particular hardly it is necessary youth and people for forty. However it is far more difficult to win respect of the management, to make so that you were noticed and estimated, i.e. raised.

Should not sit and wait that someone from the management will consider in you huge potential, will see in you the valuable employee or as if the teacher will help you to reveal on your workplace. Alas it will not occur. However all in your hands and if you wish to promote, dare!

What for this purpose it is necessary? to

Needs, first of all, self-confidence and in own knowledge. you Remember

, diffident people make a bad feeling, they are hardly waited by increase. And the confidence on a workplace for 90% consists of confidence in own knowledge and experience. Therefore, if you aspire to that you were noticed, thoroughly study your work, improve the skills and knowledge.

Besides the main work in detail study those aspects with which you should deal during work.

So, for example, if you often have to communicate with people, it would be useful to pass trainings on effective communication with people, seminars on the subject value of gestures in communication and their interpretation etc. In other words, expand your knowledge and use them in practice to yourself for the good.

Ask the management on growth opportunities in the company. If you are sure by

of own knowledge, possess already sufficient experience to take a position above, discuss this question with the management of the company, ask on growth opportunities, prospects. You should not wait and hope that the management itself will start talking about it.

Develop the relations with colleagues which could influence your advance on a career ladder.

you Seek to establish good business relations with fellow workers who could put in a word for you in communication with the management.

Be not afraid to take the responsibility, show an initiative more often.

be not afraid to take the initiative directed to improvement of results of your work, work of department in general and also be not afraid to take the responsibility. It will always be assessed positively!

Be punctual, creative, sociable.

generally, you seek to create positive image in the company as person reliable, business, opened to communication.

Do not miss meeting and an orgsobraniye at work.

Surely visit important actions of the company, it you show the respect for the management, the interest in work in this company and the desire to develop further within the company.

Be late longer if there are urgent questions.

In work periodically problems arise, kotoryetrebut the immediate decision and if it happens at the end of your working day, in your interests it would be better to be late and solve them. So you will let know to the management of the company that you the person responsible and able to solve problems in process of their emergence.