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And when at the sea of the muscleman How to cope with seasickness?

On a nose the next holiday, but for many pleasant thoughts of the sandy beach and fresh sea air are saddened by one: travel on the car, the motor ship, the plane with all delights of a motion sickness is necessary. Alas, seasickness can overtake any of us, and not only at the sea, but also in any kind of transport. And how to be that who hardly transfers the road - absolutely not to leave anywhere?

Without pressing in deep anatomic researches, we will try to understand at least in general what reasons of this state. The main thing, it is not necessary to be frightened strongly - it is valid only a disease state, but not an illness. It results from irritation of a vestibular mechanism, organs of vision and internals.

That is when the body of the person repeatedly changes position in space, there is a discrepancy between perception of a vestibular mechanism and that information which through organs of vision moves in a brain. The brain, in turn, sends signals to muscles to keep balance. And as the body itself does not move, arises touch conflict which result are such unpleasant symptoms as weakness, nausea and dizziness. whether

Is possible to cure a motion sickness?

the set of means from this unpleasant state Exists, but all of them possess only symptomatic action. Medicine which would help to guarantee once and for all to you lack of rocking does not exist. However conforming to some rules, it is possible to reduce discomfort during travel.

The rule No. 1

Regularly train the vestibular mechanism! Several minutes of simple exercises (for example, inclinations, rotary motions the head and a trunk, jumps with a turn) will help you to make the organism less susceptible to a motion sickness.

The rule No. 2 by

Choose the most convenient place. It is the best of all to sit in the car on the first seats the person in the direction of the movement and to look only forward, on sea transport it is desirable to be in the central cabins, and on the plane - in the center of salon between wings.

The rule No. 3

Refrain from alcohol intake! Perhaps, having drunk a little something spirits, at first you will also feel small simplification, however later the situation will only worsen. It is the best of all to drink mineral still water or broth of mint.

The rule No. 4

Before a trip do not eat some greasy food, and also products with the high content of starch. But also on a hungry stomach you should not travel, eat something easy.

The rule No. 5

If you rock to sleep, the food smell during a trip will aggravate a situation. And here to inhale essential oils (mint, tangerine, a carnation, ginger), on the contrary, will do only good - they will help to remove dizziness and nausea.

What drugs is better to use?

If the listed measures to you do not help

, it is necessary to resort to medicamentous methods. Today in drugstores the wide range of preparations - as antihistaminic is offered ( Bonnin and Dramina Kinedril ), and homeopathic (Vomica, Vertikhogel and The Avia - the sea ) . At the correct dosage and observance of recommendations these means are rather effective for removal of symptoms of a motion sickness, however their essential minus is side effects among which there are headaches, drowsiness and weakness. Also the majority of preparations from a motion sickness is not recommended to be applied to small children and pregnant women.

As an alternative to traditional medicines this summer on counters of drugstores the new preparation - a plaster from Extraplast Aroma motion sickness appeared. The plaster does not contain medicinal components and works at the expense of natural essential oils of mint, ginger, dope flowers. Their combination exerts beneficial influence on nervous and vestibular systems of an organism, helps to prevent nausea and dizziness.

The plaster fastens behind an ear and 3 - 4 hours work. The gel basis helps to keep curative properties of essential oils and provides their uniform receipt in an organism during all usage time. At this Extraplast Aroma has no contraindications and does not cause side effects therefore small children can use it, and also to women during pregnancy and a lactation.

In a kind way, travel with comfort!