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Difficulties in training are a diagnosis?

Not so long ago I was called by the woman and asked to help her son to make up to the seventh-grader for the skipped classes in all objects. I began to ask why the child passed so much time. Not really willingly the woman told such history: the child studied not bad, but there were difficulties with Russian and English. And here, as ill luck would have it, did not get on with the teacher, insulted him. Began to miss lessons. And someone from teachers suggested to be examined by the psychiatrist. As a result of the child kept half a year in lunatic asylum, stuffed with preparations. Perhaps, after that he began to be rude less, but from it did not begin to love and understand languages more.

In this regard also other cases were remembered. One girl refused to accept the help in training, speaking to mother: And what for? You again in a mental hospital will hand over me then . Other boy was sure that he is not capable to mathematics because at it the left hemisphere is worse developed, than right or on the contrary, I do not remember.

It seems that recently some fashion went to write off all difficulties in training on wrong brains or on deviations in mentality. It does not solve a problem, but shifts from the sore head... generally, gives very much logical an explanation which, however, does not lead to a solution.

Fortunately, there are also good news. In the middle of last century discovery thanks to which training ceased to seem such difficult business was made. The American scientist, the teacher, the writer L. Ron Hubbard as a result of long-term researches found out that there are three main obstacles preventing the person to acquire the studied subject. And it is not important who studies: the adult or the child, professor with big knowledge base or the first grader who is hardly able to read.

On the basis of these opening the harmonous system of training including methods of recognition and elimination of these obstacles was created. The teacher can apply these methods to help the pupils to acquire material, the parent can apply to help to deal with a difficult task, and the pupil to understand can, what he studies. Uniqueness of these methods is that it is not obligatory to be the expert in that subject with which you help to deal. Even the children who studied this technology of training can help each other and watch this process happens very interestingly.

To you sometime there was it that, having read up until the end of the page, you suddenly found out that you do not remember about what you just read.? Or when reading your attention suddenly dissipated, you began to think of something foreign? If it happened, then it does not mean that you suddenly got sick with a syndrome of deficiency of attention or you began memory blackouts. You just faced one of obstacles in training. And this obstacle - the misunderstood word.

Manifestation of the misunderstood word also consists in it: the part of the text which follows directly the word which was not understood or misunderstood represents emptiness in memory. To the contrary, when the problem word is revealed and understood, emptiness wonderfully disappears. The same happens to the child who looks stupid or scattered. It just faced the word which does not understand or misunderstands. If to continue to train the person who has a misunderstood word to it there can be a nervous hysterics or he will want to give up study. You noticed that it is just those manifestations which psychologists and psychiatrists try to treat?

Here still example. The fifth-grader cannot solve a problem: Eight people make the one third part of a class. How many in a class of people? I begin to ask how he understands value of each word in a condition. Reached the word to make . He says what this word means to put in a row or to one place . You represent what turned out! Eight people gathered and put in a row the one third part of a class. After we found suitable value of this word in the dictionary, the child lit up: Well, then I know how to solve this problem!

One more story was told to me by the teacher of initial classes. The psychologist tested its class and told that none of a class are ready to school. Then the teacher already familiar with technology of training asked to repeat testing every other day. After that she asked children what words in the test were not understood by them, and cleared them these words. The next day, in ten minutes after the beginning of the testing calculated for half an hour, children began to hand over the completed forms of tests. All were ready to school!

And here responses of the parents who applied this technology: When I was still trained, I already began to apply methods to the son. It yielded improbable results. A result - management examination 5/4. In a quarter - the firm four! At me all fears concerning school were gone. Besides, I had such confidence that in life there is nothing that I would not be capable to understand and explain to the child .

My son had very big problems. In 4 - the m a class to it was necessary to change school in connection with moving. The collective did not accept it. Progress worsened, the inexplicable differences of mood passing into hysterics began. The child ceased to learn and study. Had to finish the first quarter, practically, on one two. Caused in school and told that we transferred the child to other school, or he will remain for the second year. After we came to the course Learn to study the child changed cardinally. Became more collected, accurate, in a quarter corrected all two. On occupations goes with pleasure . to you can seem to

that everything is too simple. It`s true! It is very simple and available technology of training. And you can study and help it to the child too.

Consultant of Applied Education

Almetova Alfiya.