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Stretch ceilings. Pluses and minuses.

of Advantage:

- Speed of installation. Installation of a stretch ceiling takes several hours to 2 - 3 days (depending on complexity of a ceiling and the area).

- It is practical. Stretch ceilings easily are established, removed and do not demand separate personal care. They do not crack during shrinkage of the house, do not accumulate on themselves dust, ceilings easily and quickly wash. Stretch ceilings ideally hide all roughnesses, defects of a surface, joints of plates and other roofing materials.

- It is Easily mounted and dismantled that gives the chance of fast access to the equipment located under a cloth

- The Stretch ceiling does not condense moisture that does it by ideal option for bathrooms, pools and saunas.

- The Stretch ceiling is waterproof. In case of flooding from the top floor, the cloth can sustain up to 200 liters of water on sq.m. without passing it, and only caving in from weight. Enough it will only be accurate to disconnect edge of a tension film from a profile and to merge water. Then the ceiling will be in an excellent state again.

- Safety. Stretch ceilings do not sustain combustion and do not ignite. Are ideal in use in rooms where it is necessary to provide the highest degree of fire safety.

- It is possible to build in lamps and any other necessary elements the Stretch ceiling. In case of use of a white opaque or sateen cloth the effect of ideally equal and dense material on a ceiling is created.

- Material of which the stretch ceiling is made is very plastic. It gives the chance for creation as plain surfaces, and for creation of difficult ceiling designs: multilevel ceilings, arches, arches, tents etc. of

- It is eco-friendly. It is made of environmentally friendly materials, does not possess a smell, does not emit allergens and harmful substances.


- Stretch ceilings can deteriorate from influence by a sharp object.

- the Important factor are also temperature conditions. Therefore it is necessary to know service regulations of a ceiling. Detailed information can be obtained at producers of stretch ceilings or their assemblers.