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That it is more important for Tina Kandelaki: family or career?

Host of the " programs; Details The cleverest and Good songs on STS channel Tina Kandelaki (a full name - Tinatin) not only the beautiful bright woman, but also the successful, business personality.

Career development.

After the termination of high school in the center Tbilisi, Ooze entered the medical institute on faculty Medical business in the specialty chelyustno - front surgery .

Being a student of the first course of medical institute, Kandelaki went to a casting which was carried out on one of the central Georgian channels, and passed it. All very much liked her appearance, a manner to behave, but there was only one vital issue - Tina did not speak on at all - Georgian. But swore herself an oath to learn language in three months. Under personal control of Sergo Peradze of the general producer of the second Georgian channel Meorearkh Tina went to a television festival to Batumi. At first especially for it wrote the Georgian texts with the Russian transcription. It was very difficult, but Tina was pleasant to all.

Professors were sure of medical institute that Kandelaki`s interest in show - business is a youthful whim that all this passing, and the profession of the surgeon is respectable and will always bring money. Besides, Kandelaki studied very well, and all waited when at her it will pass . But Tina firmly held the ground, threw medical institute and arrived on journalism faculty of VTGU. In parallel with study it continued to work at TV and on Radio 105 .

But it is professional in the world of show - business in Georgia there was no place grow. to

Besides, to arrange private life of chances too there was a little as Georgia the country patriarchal, and independent, successful Kandelaki was already significantly beaten out for a framework of ideas of what has to be the woman. Therefore Kandelaki went to Moscow.

- I understood that I can learn nothing in Tbilisi any more, and I wanted to develop. In Moscow entered the Institute of professional development of staff of radio and TV. Approximately in a month I was invited to work on M - radio then were RDV Time Silver rain TV - 6 . Now I am betrayed to " channel; STS .

A family Tina Kandelaki is married

, has two children (Melanija - 4 years, Leonti - 3 years). In spite of the fact that it is possible to call Tina the successful careerist, she very much loves the children and considers that they at all not a hindrance to career.

- Many consider that it is necessary to promote at first, and then to bring the child. But personally I essentially do not agree with it. I do not love categorical people and I always allow options, but here I am categorical on everything hundred . Better than children there is nothing on light at all. You can imagine what career will be compared to children? Any and never! I am happy that in my home world I`m fine develops and I can do the favorite things. But children always in the forefront.

Tina Kandelaki devotes appearance to the health and good physical shape much time.

- Three times a week for two hours are engaged with the trainer in fitness - club. It is very pleasant to me to say that following the results of last year I was among winners of the award World Class Fitness Awards. I was called Fitness - the Beginner of year for what I in 2 months managed to prove as very diligent clubman. This year for me Fitness - progress . I want to look not as mother of two children, and as the woman with a good figure.

Tina Kandelaki`s image is created by Natasha Panteleeva (is included in the top ten masters of Visual - business). Tina completely trusts her to professionalism.

- If something was not pleasant to someone, then it is a problem of its taste. Television - as the glossy magazine. Those who work in a shot correspond to fashion. In this season it is fashionable to wear a shirt so. Means, we have to carry it so. If in fashion such colors, then it is necessary to carry these colors. Our women so lack changes! Same an excellent opportunity for them to watch and copy some ideas for itself. My message such: you treat yourself more simply. Be not afraid to change and, maybe, even to look ridiculous. It is pleasant to men. The woman should not think that even if she is the cleverest woman on light, she does not need to watch herself.


- should not rely on destiny. I understood that each defeat is a pledge of future victory. After some losses it seemed to me that the world failed. And what? And anything! It is necessary to live further!