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How to create a slide - show from photos?

In the most general sense a slide - show are the presentation roller consisting of in advance picked up photos replacing each other in a certain order with imposing of music and registration. But to create a slide - show from photos, insufficiently simple existence of ready pictures and music. Connect the imagination, use beautiful effects of transition and registration of photos, and then yours a slide - show will become rather original and expressive.

A slide - show from photos is an opportunity to merge together the pleasant memories with the corresponding music which will thinly add and will emphasize your pictures. The slide - show to us in absolutely various cases is required to create it. Qualitatively prepared a slide - show can serve as a virtual photo album which can be spread around, sent to friends on e - mail, to post online. Thanks to existence of beautiful effects of transition, emotionally painted music, viewing of a similar photo album becomes interesting and fascinating occupation.

A slide - show from photos can reflect absolutely various events from your life. And to create it rather original, we have to decide on a subject for our movie. The most popular subjects for a slide - shows are the following:

Wedding a slide - show.

Family holidays and anniversaries.

A slide - show from children`s photos.

Love Story - love stories.

Corporate holidays.

A slide - show about various actions (final, a party, the last call etc.) .

A slide - show about travel.

A slide - show for exhibitions, advertizing campaigns, the presentations.

How to create a slide - show from photos? For this purpose we have to pass a number of stages of preparation of our presentation roller.

1. The choice of the program for creation a slide - show

exists many programs allowing to create a slide Now - show from photos in house conditions. All of them have various range of opportunities defining quality of the received result. Unfortunately, it is very frequent from - for crudities of programs quality of all a slide - show in general suffers. It is necessary to be disappointed from - for the means spent for nothing and time. Therefore to create rather effective a slide - show from photos, choose only the checked and reliable programs.

For example, " program; FOTUOSHOU PRO from AMS Software contains all necessary functions for preparation bright and memorable a slide - show. You choose pictures for display, add music, use inscriptions, and the roller is ready! The program allows to look through ready a slide - show on the computer, and also to transfer in video format. The editor of FOTOSHOU includes the extensive catalog of a decorative framework and screens for registration of slides. You can add an inscription on the image, change a font, style and the direction of the text. The program contains many various options of transition between photos that will make yours a slide - show effective and expressive.

2. Selection of photos for a slide - show

If you want to create a slide - show from photos of professional level, use only qualitative pictures for display. Very often we have the interesting photos but shot hastily which need additional processing. In this case we are come to the rescue by various graphic editors allowing to correct the image and to improve its quality.

3. Calculation of time

Duration a slide - show depends on the number of the used photos. For perception display from 12 to 20 slides in a minute is optimum. Also we have to be guided by duration of the musical fragment applied in a roller.

4. The scenario a slide - show

to create a slide - show from photos, we have to think over the scenario of our roller in advance. To divide photos into thematic blocks, to pick up the corresponding registration and effects of transitions.

5. Inscriptions and headings

First of all, carry out information function in a slide - show, let the viewer know that it is represented in the photo at present. Inscriptions in a slide - show can emphasize any comical or romantic moments, focus attention on any detail or the phenomenon. At the same time, it is not necessary to overload a roller with excessive quantity of headings. It can complicate perception and simply bother the viewer.

6. Music selection

needs to Pick up music in advance, prior to installation. Music will make yours a slide - show more live, memorable. The roller will become more emotional and touching. To create a slide - show with music, it is necessary to approach the choice of musical composition responsibly. It is necessary that music most precisely transferred the main plot a slide - show and caused the corresponding feelings.

7. Installation a slide - show

Is the final stage allowing us to create a slide - show from photos. All materials which are picked up earlier merge in a whole, and the slide - show from your photos turns out beautiful and effective. You can use various decorative elements for registration of slides, use various options of transition between pictures.

As a result we will receive the present movie about some event or the person who forever will remain in memory and will be an excellent gift by any holiday.

Download the program for creation a slide - show!