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Childbirth without pain of

Childbirth without pain

the Rare woman comes to the gynecologist with the words I plan pregnancy but phrase It seems, I am pregnant the gynecologist hears often. In other words, pregnancy literally overtakes the woman who was running away from it. Naturally, about any preparation and planning of pregnancy the speech does not go any more. Perhaps we take out and will give birth to the normal child.

All nothing and only if pregnancy is found unexpectedly, it means that in the first weeks of development of the child nobody suspected about his existence. At this time, when there is laying of all bodies, future mother could drink, drag on a cigarette, swallow handfuls of a tablet and make other acts, terrible for health of future kid.

Meanwhile pregnancy cannot but be planned. Effective remedies of contraception need to be used up to the beginning of that menstrual cycle in which conception is planned, that is it is necessary to decide on the decision on the child in 3 - 4 months. So much time will be taken by preparation for pregnancy.

To what doctors to address

For a start - the therapist. Even if you consider yourself absolutely healthy, it is useful to be convinced of it once again. Measurement of arterial pressure, the general analysis of urine and blood will be able to reveal the latent chronic diseases - for example, anemia, diseases of kidneys, a hypertension. Surely study also fluorography. If you live with chronic diseases, consultation of the corresponding expert is necessary. And still - you have to remember: time of conception should not coincide with a stage of an exacerbation of your illness. If you take medicine, surely consult to the doctor who appointed them. Some medicines are absolutely contraindicated at pregnancy, they need to be cancelled or replaced on safe (or, maybe, to change a dose).

The gynecologist`s office - one of the first where you need to come. First of all - to be examined on an infection. Even if you consider that you do not have them and cannot be, is better be convinced of it by means of the corresponding researches on microflora of a vagina. The gynecologist will define also need of a blood test on herpes, toxoplasmosis, a rubella, syphilis, hepatitis. All these diseases can proceed is hidden, without proving in any way, and only laboratory inspection will reveal them.

Do not pass the stomatologist`s office. Teeth before pregnancy need to be put in full order (to sanify an oral cavity) that the child got no chronic infection in inheritance.

If to the pregnant woman more than 35, or in a sort genetic anomalies were observed, or mother (father) were irradiated, consult with the doctor - the geneticist. With it it is necessary to have a talk and in case for you sushchestven a sex of future child.


Development of the child directly depends on availability of these substances in mother`s organism. Folic acid is especially important - she participates in growth of nervous tissue. The course of reception of folic acid - in three months prior to conception and in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy - will save a fruit from malformations of the central nervous system. A dose of folic acid - 400 mkg a day. Such dose contains in multivitamin preparations for pregnant women. Except folic acid, in these preparations the mass of other necessary substances. Even if you are only going to become pregnant - begin to accept them.

If you live in a zone where there is a deficiency of iodine (it includes also Moscow with adjacent areas), in addition to multivitamins accept 100 mkg of iodide of potassium a day. If the previous childbirth was less than 2 years ago (or during this period abortions took place), you need iron preparations.


In 2 - 3 months prior to conception it is necessary to clear the products containing preservatives, dyes and other " the table; chemistry and also completely to refuse alcohol. Refuse also the wintered potatoes (at the end of spring - the beginning of summer): it contains carcinogens.

The way of life

influences a pre-natal condition of a fruit mood of mother. At you should not be moods - only equal, vigorous mood. If your work is accompanied by influence of professional vrednost (chemicals, radiation, high temperatures), do not wait until the fact of pregnancy is confirmed (it possibly only after 3 - 4 - y weeks); right there agree with administration about other work.

Be less in populous places where it is so easy to catch some infection. Try not to overcool - the cold on early terms of pregnancy which is especially caused by viruses can infect future child. Eat onions and garlic in plenty - it is fine stimulators of immunity. Within a month before conception it is not recommended to overheat, visit a sauna. Walk in the parks and squares remote from highways. For 10 - 15 minutes a day carry out exercises for an abdominal tension. Many refer to indispositions, a lack of time - anything if only not to work these a quarter of hour. Meanwhile work this, insignificant and easy can give you at childbirth invaluable support.


there is a list of the infections allocated in separate group on very important sign - they can break development of a fruit or the course of pregnancy. Almost all these infections proceed asymptomatically, imperceptibly. But consequences of their underground work are really awful.

The rubella or toxoplasmosis which the majority of us had in the childhood practically do not threaten health of future mother. But if the woman was passed by these children`s illnesses and she caught them now, during pregnancy, infection can lead to pre-natal infection of a fruit.

Many suffer from herpes and a cytomegalovirus, but most often the infection has the inactive form, that is the virus does not breed. However if during pregnancy there is its activization, the infection can get to the child. It is especially dangerous if the meeting with a virus took place in the first weeks of pregnancy.


vaccination against a rubella is Extremely important. If you were not ill it (or are not sure of it for 100 percent, it can be specified, having made blood test), vaccination needs to be done in 2 - 3 months prior to the planned pregnancy. This inoculation is necessary and in case at a blood test antibodies are not found. All modern protivokrasnushny vaccines are harmless, possess 95 - 100 - percentage efficiency, and the immunity created by them remains more than 20 years. It is impossible to do an inoculation during pregnancy at all - let from - for insignificant, but nevertheless to probability of damage of a fruit by a vaccinal virus. If time of pregnancy is necessary for the beginning of winter - the period of flu epidemics, - it is better to secure itself by means of a vaccine and from this infection.

Medical inspections, various injections and manipulations, at last - actually childbirth are coming pregnant women. All this is risk of infection with a hepatitis B virus. Therefore it is useful to think also of this inoculation.

Thus, when planning pregnancy ideally to get advice of the doctor of the obstetrician - the gynecologist and it is necessary to pass laboratory diagnostics to the woman in 2 - 3 months before pregnancy. At the same time data on the postponed infections and results of researches on the diseases which are obviously creating problems for future child can be of great importance. Results of inspection need to be discussed with your obstetrician - the gynecologist and if necessary to take medical medical or preventive measures.