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Once Bill Gates declared that 640 KB of a pas will be enough for mint in the computer for any needs of the user. Today this statement seems funny that even computers of the average level are equipped with gigabytes of random access memory and terabytes on hard drives. 3D - the TV Vindictive journalists like to quote and even more absurd statement of the president of the Digital Equipment company Ken Olson who in 1977 declared that creation of home PCs - occupation absolutely unpromising. Anybody can have no need to have the computer at home - Olson claimed. His company went bankrupt long ago, and most of Americans have houses two and more computer today. It is not excluded that from now on the list a grief - futurologists will be added by the famous Hollywood director Michael Bae, Scala`s author, the Armageddon and Transformers. In the summer of 2009 - go, presenting the second movie how Earth became a battlefield between robots from far space, Bae claimed that he does not believe in prospects of three-dimensional cinema. The third part of Transformers will not be three-dimensional, the director declared, having added that, in his opinion, the three-dimensional cinema is a trick which forces the audience to fork up . Only half a year later Bae it was forced to change the opinion, and journalists knew that the next part of Transformers which exit is planned for summer of 2011 will be three-dimensional.

The reason for which Bae refused a former position is obvious. Against figures you will not trample, and the improbable commercial success of the Avatar of James Cameron who collected more than $2,3 billion in world hire speaks for itself. More than a half of this sum brought halls with 3D - a projection. Actually, silly to attribute the Avatar mission of absolute break in the field of three-dimensional cinema. The movie is obliged by the collecting to the fact that by the time of its exit in the world thousands 3dkinoteatrov already functioned. The most part was constructed of them in recent years, however for the majority of foxes by a certain exotic as their repertoire was rather poor. Film studios throughout a long time considered three-dimensional cinema absolutely niche. Still - the technology of the three-dimensional image exists more than 40 years and still did not become dominating. The change, as always, came thanks to enthusiasts who believed in what 3D will become demanded as soon as movies with the corresponding special effects appear. The cult director James Cameron, the author Terminatora, Strangers, the Chasm, Truthful lie and Titanic was one of such enthusiasts. He bore many years the Avatar plan, waiting for the moment when the technologies capable to display on the screen the planet Pandora and her inhabitants as he wanted become available. The received result struck the audience so that hire of the Avatar became absolute triumph.

This year three-dimensional blockbusters Fight of titans, the Spiderman - 4, Robin Hood and new part of adventures of Harry Potter will come out. In 2011 - m the audience will incur the money in cash desk of such Hollywood opuses as Terminator - 5, Batman - 3, Twilight - 3, new parts of Pirates of the Caribbean Sea and Bondiana. Plans for the transfer to a three-dimensional format of classical masterpieces, such as Star wars of George Lucas were also read. The person far from the film industry was one of the first people who publicly assumed that the success of the Avatar will lead to mass production 3D - TVs, strangely enough. Such statement was made by the Russian senator and the former minister of work Alexander Pochinok. In opinion Repair, the Avatar is an epoch-making event which can be compared unless to transition from silent cinema to sound and from is black - white to color. People will want to revise the fallen in love movie of the house and consequently, three-dimensional technologies will remove from movie theaters to home TVs. Confirmation of this forecast did not demand a lot of time. An avatar even in hire, and most of producers declared mass release of TVs of a new format. They can be bought in the middle of this year.

3D Las - Vegas, as well as in any city overflowed with tourists, very talkative taxi drivers will conquer the world

B. First of all from them the journalist Korrespondenta learned that this year the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) exhibition brought together much more visitors, than in the past. One of trips to a taxi brought one more bright impression definitely characterizing an exhibition. For the second day of stay in Las - Vegas the next sociable taxi driver got to the journalist Korrespondenta. Having learned that his passenger arrived on CES, the driver was extremely excited and right there told that he already saves up money for the three-dimensional TV. Thus, even taxi drivers this year knew that total transition on 3D became the main tendency of an exhibition. The largest producers of TVs occupied the biggest pavilions and brought down the whole squall of offers on new devices on visitors. Visitors of an exhibition became witnesses of origin of a new era of television and new market of consumer electronics.

The same companies which many years competed in the market of TVs fight for leadership on it already today. The ambitious plans for occupation of the 3D market - devices put forward Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and Panasonic. Each of these companies presented new lines of the TVs equipped with support of the three-dimensional image on CES. The vast majority of new devices are based on technology with application 3dochkov. The alternative development allowing to display the three-dimensional picture without points was not widely adopted yet and was presented at stands of only a few producers. Besides that the largest producers chose uniform technology, they are also united truly by Napoleonic plans for occupation of the market. Analysts foretell what in 2010 can be sold to 2,2 million TVs with support 3D. And to 2013 - mu more than 25% of all sold blue screens will be three-dimensional. According to experts of the analytical GigaOM edition, in three years world sales 3D - TVs will reach 46 million units.

With support 3D the Panasonic company is going to sell the whole one million TVs this year, in 2012 Japanese intend to increase sales ten times, having reached a point of 10 million devices. First plasma panels with diagonal more than 50 inches will become three-dimensional. But in several years 3D will already support also Panasonic of middle class with different diagonals. That is it is not only about plasma, but also about liquid crystal screens, representatives of the company specify. As for the prices, on three-dimensional TVs they can be about 20% higher, than on usual. Presented the ruler on CES and Samsung. Several series plasma, LCDI LED - panels entered it, all of them support reproduction of video in a format of a high definition (HD). During an exhibition representatives of the company told Korrespondenta that in the middle of this year all TVs of Samsung will already have support 3D.

Since December of last year production of three-dimensional LCD - panels is adjusted also in other South Korean company - LG. They also support the HD format. On 3D Sony has plans for transition also. According to vice-the president of the company Hirosi Yosioki, by 2013 a half of all TVs of Sony will get support of the three-dimensional image.

With a view to future

of Sony - one of the brands of consumer electronics, most popular in the world, therefore company shops of the company rank high in shopping centers of the largest cities and are some kind of Mecca for fans. Also the Sony Style shop in Las - Vegas is not an exception. It is located on the first floor of one of the largest shopping centers of the city in Caesar`s Palace hotel. For three-dimensional TVs in shop the certain room stylized under a drawing room in the private house is allocated. The huge panel occupies almost all wall, the picture moves with Blu - ray - the player. The seller offers numerous visitors the points giving the chance to estimate the picture on the screen. And a confidential voice reports that TVs of Sony enter the market very in due time as in the USA at once several channels this year begin broadcasting in 3D. As the proof it includes record of the baseball game giving the chance to the audience wearing spectacles to appear nearly in the field among players. Samsung also refers to the growing quantity 3D - content for home users. The company concluded exclusive agreements on partnership with DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor which are engaged in release 3D - content. First of all it is about Blu format disks - ray. For example, recently in this format the popular animated film Monsters against strangers was released. In the course of preparation of the article Correspondent contacted a number of the shops trading in Blu format disks - ray. It was simple to assume that their sales are low today. And it appeared in practice. The average cost of a disk exceeds 200 UAH. The real prize as the image theoretically can be distinguishable only on high-quality TVs with big diagonal. Respectively, Blu - ray was and remains the privilege of wealthy citizens. Emergence of disks of this format with 3D - movies will hardly change a situation radically. In order that they gained distribution, it is necessary that people began to buy new TVs.

Andrey, the employee of one of Kiev the Internet - shops, in conversation with the Correspondent assumed that producers will keep the promise and this year in the market many 3D models - TVs will appear. Including in Ukraine. Their cost, obviously, will be higher, than usual. At the same time panels of new generation on the whole will be universal, that is will support also the traditional flat image. It is an important point which in a root changes a situation. At first sight, 3D - the TV it is a little sense in purchase now, actually 3dkontenta not yet. However, considering that the TV is usually bought not for a year, and with a view to much longer time, buyers should reflect, Andrey concludes. In the West gradually broadcasting in a three-dimensional format gains development, movies on the disks Blu - ray 3D go on sale. Ukraine, certainly, so far lags behind in this regard, but in a couple of years the possibility of viewing of such broadcasting and movies will appear also at us. And then owners of the big and expensive TVs which are not supporting 3D will be whipping the cat. According to PR - the manager of Samsung Konstantin Cherepovsky, the company develops one more solution of the problem of shortage of three-dimensional video for home users. It is about the technology of converting of the flat image which is built in TVs in 3D - a format. Transformation goes in real time, that is record does not need to be converted previously on the computer. It means that the viewer can include the 3D function, say, when viewing an ordinary football match. The correspondent had an opportunity to estimate work of technology at an exhibition, it impresses favourably. But experts note what is still unclear, such image in a case with the majority of usual telecasts or movies will be how realistic to look.