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The state does not plan to kill Yandex of

Today, on July 8, the head of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Igor Shchyogolev disproved messages on plans of creation in the country state search the Internet - systems instead of already operating successful private companies, for example, such as Yandex.

Always someone, something looks for, someone the best work, someone the wife, and someone phone charger therefore it (is not necessary) to say that the state creates the searcher, search is conducted always - the minister in interview to " TV channel noted; Russia - 24 on 7 - m Tver socially - an economic forum.

If you look for the bride, search is conducted in an optical way and if forgot phone charger, then in a voice way you interrogate colleagues. It is clear, that in these or those our systems there are technologies connected with search, but, of course, the speech does not go killing Mail. ru or Yandex . These are absolutely business firms which are very successful, and not only in national, but also on a global scale - Igor Shchyogolev twisted.


of Yandex - the Russian IT - the company owning the system of search of the same name in Networks and the Internet - a portal.

Search engine Yandex the seventh is among the largest search websites of the world by quantity of the processed search queries (1,892 billion, statistics for December, 2009) and first largest not English-speaking search server.

Yandex search engine. ru was officially announced on September 23, 1997, and at first developed within the CompTek International company. As separate company Yandex it was formed in 2000.

The company reached self-sufficiency in 2002, a turn for 2009 - 8,7 billion rubles. A turn for 2008 - more than 300 million dollars. A turn for 2006 - 72,6 million dollars, net profit - 29,9 million, for 2005 - 35,6 million dollars, net profit - 13,6 million

the Main and priority direction of the company are development of the search mechanism, but for years of work of Yandex became a multiportal. In 2009 Yandex provides more than 30 services. Are the most popular: Yandex. Pictures, Yandex. Mail, Yandex. Weather, Yandex. News and others.

The main office of the company is in Moscow. The company has offices in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Odessa, Simferopol, Kiev and Kazan. In the middle of June, 2008 the company declared opening of Yandex Labs - office to the USA, the State of California.

Mail. ru ( Mail. ru ) - large communication portal of the Russian Internet. Its monthly audience exceeds 50 million unique visitors.

In 1998 the programmers working at the St. Petersburg office of the American software company DataArt created the new software for post a web - servers which was supposed to be sold further to the western companies. To test service, it was temporarily uploaded publicly for the Russian users, and service suddenly began to gain popularity promptly.

Key service of the &ndash portal; post service @mail. ru - system of e-mail, largest in Russia. For convenience of users search in a mailbox, the telephone book, spelling are provided in letters, the translator, the daily log, system of reminders.

C of 2007 the mailbox size in post service @mail. ru is unlimited, that is users can store in it all the correspondence.

Since 2002 Mail. ru combats spam and viruses in the mail services. The company cooperates in this area with DialogNauka (antivirus of Dr. Web), Kaspersky Lab ( Kaspersky`s Antivirus ) and Ashmanov and partners (Antispam).

In August, 2004 Mail. ru began to use the SPF standard in operation of filters of the e-mail servers for verification reliability sender of letters.

Spring of 2002 the number of domains in post service Mail was increased. ru, since then available domains for registration of mailboxes, besides mail. ru, are inbox. ru, bk. ru, list. ru.

In 2003 the company declared lifting of restriction on the mailbox size, having given to the users free rain in exchange of information.

At the end of 2006 the strategic agreement on providing the search service based on Yandex cursor was concluded (before the supplier of a search cursor for Mail. ru was Google).

Since June, 2007 own search cursor of GoGo is started. ru.

On December 15, 2009 it became known that mail. ru will use search technologies of Google again.

In October, 2007 Mail. ru began to open sales offices and developments in regions and other countries - St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Kiev.

Summer of 2008 it became known that Mail. ru possesses 30% of a network of the dating sites Mamba. ru.

In December, 2009 Mail. ru declared purchase of 100% of shares of the company of Astrum Online Entertainment, thereby having become the leader in the area online - entertainments in Russia.

Since 2010 in search of Mail. ru began to be used a cursor of own development of GoGo. ru. The contract on use of search of Yandex was not prolonged; it is caused by the fact that Yandex providing earlier search delivery for Mail. ru, demanded that Mail. ru near the brand showed Yandex brand that did not suit Mail. ru. Instead of contextual announcements of Yandex. Direkt Google AdWords began to be used.

Source: solovei. info