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What are a web - the websites for business?

Well, you decided to do the Web - the website, but how it has to look? Let`s try to understand what are the Web - the websites for business.

A web - the website - the business card.

the simplest type of the website. Usually contains 3 - 10 pages. On the website there is only summary of firm and services which it provides. The reference to a price - a leaf is sometimes contained.

A web - the website is absolutely similar to the usual business card.

The buyer can visit such website to look at information on firm, the location map to office or an outlet. Existence regularly updated a price - a leaf is important too (in the Excel or ZIP format).

The website - the business card will manage cheap and will not involve considerable costs of development and contents.

Regular customers will find it convenient to receive fresh a price - sheets if necessary. For them you will publish the address on business cards, a price - sheets and in all types of advertizing (in newspapers, on billboards etc.) .

Representation on the Internet.

More advanced website option - business cards. May contain an on-line price - a leaf, i.e., in a look a web - pages. Existence of thematic articles and materials is also desirable. On-line consultations of experts in the form of a forum will not prevent.

Because on the website there is a lot of unique material on a subject, the website will interest visitors. Besides, it will increase trust of buyers to you.

It is not just a price - a leaf, and a serious resource on the subject connected with your firm.

For example, you are engaged in sale of furniture. Means, will not prevent to create a number of articles about the choice of furniture and relatives on a subject questions. Visitors will be interested in qualitative material, and they will want to arrive to you behind purchase.

Here the person who will regularly answer questions of visitors is necessary and to update material.

The Internet - a show-window.

Perfect analogy to a usual show-window. The big colourful website on which there is a developed and colourful information on your goods and services. Some kind of presentation of your goods and services.

The purpose at it the same, as at a usual show-window - to attract buyers with bright and colourful types.

The main task - to force the visitor to come to you or to call and consult.

Existence of articles on a subject will not prevent.

The Internet - shop.

the Full-fledged outlet on the Internet.

Buyers can get acquainted with goods and order it. Delivery of goods by the courier, a delivery service or by mail (if you intend to trade, without being limited to a framework of the city).

In fact this web - the website carries out functions of all websites stated above.

Development the Internet - shop will cost considerably dearer.

Here the constant attention to the website is necessary. Perhaps, it is necessary to come into contacts with courier services which will carry out delivery of goods.

Before development the Internet - shop it is necessary to weigh and count everything carefully. It is difficult to enter the market with very dense competition. Consultations of analysts and experts are simply necessary for you.

Conclusions. Creation of the website - the business card costs to

kopeks, and will bring anyway benefit. Regular customers will estimate convenience of work with you.

The representation will bring new customers and clients into Networks. Besides, increase of the authority always does well.

The Internet - the show-window will be your presentation on the Internet. Will carry out the same functions, as representation. Will be suitable for goods or services which seldom change. For constantly changing range of goods the price - a leaf is better.

Creation the Internet - shop - very decisive step demanding careful calculations. Not to do without consultations.