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Recommendations about operation of accumulators for laptops.

of Any Li - ion the accumulator for the laptop is equipped with the full-fledged built-in control system that often allows the user to forget about whether correctly he operates the accumulator or not. However, at operation of the accumulator for the laptop it is necessary to remember some factors capable to prolong the term of its service, or at least will allow it to fulfill so much how many the producer specifies.

At the first connection the accumulator for the laptop is recommended to be charged completely, the controller which is built in the accumulator automatically will turn off the charge mode. After that it is recommended to be disconnected from a network of food and to completely discharge the accumulator. It is necessary to repeat this procedure around two - three a time in a row, it will allow the accumulator to gather a total charge, and to the controller to make calibration of a charge and the category.

At further operation time in 2 months is recommended to make calibration of the accumulator for the laptop. It becomes for elimination of errors of the &ndash controller; in use the accumulator errors of definition of a residual charge gradually collect, from - for what time of autonomous operation of the laptop decreases.

In some models of accumulators controllers do not allow the actual level of a charge to exceed 90%, and to the level of the full category of the accumulator not to fall lower than 10% that, according to the producer, has to increase accumulator service life.

Storage not used, or used seldom, accumulators for laptops is recommended in a floor the discharged condition of 40 - 50% in the dry cool room. Level of natural loss of a charge not used accumulator is extremely big and cannot make from 3 to 5% a month.

Also it is not necessary to use the power supply units which are not intended for the accumulator. Use of the so-called universal power supply unit for the laptop should not lead in principle to catastrophic consequences, it is and still recommended to use that power supply unit which is intended for your model of the laptop and respectively for the accumulator.

However, any accumulator for the laptop gradually develops the resource, and sooner or later, even at observance of all recommendations and rules it should be changed. And if it is necessary to change nevertheless, then we recommend to buy the accumulator for the laptop of the increased capacity.