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How to choose the most tasty honey?

Honey . As many pleasant memories at us arise with this word! Sweet, solar, surprisingly useful, reminding of the childhood...

But how it is correct to choose honey? the most important governed

In day of purchase : when you approach a row, you should not ask All have such price ? or At whom here real May ? . And that the seller can answer that he has honey which you look for. And all others will answer the same. Also try to find after that real!

On a question of the price the answer will be identical, just because the price is established collectively and it cannot be reduced. And here individually to try to agree it is possible about a small discount. Anyway it is necessary to begin not with the price.

It is worth walking for a start on honey to ranks and to collect information. And for itself it is necessary to be defined what amount of honey you want to buy. Now the most pleasant - try honey! Remember that before buying it is worth trying honey several times.

Black, white, yellow, zakristallizovanny or liquid honey - each grade is in own way good. If you the beginner in the honey choice, never say the phrase I all the same do not understand it . Be not afraid to try, it is necessary to accustom to distinguish the flavoring glands this type of a product. But it is important to remember how many honey grades you would not try - only the first will be remembered to you.

At each seller try to try one or two grades of honey and choose pleasant.

In what different grades of honey differ?

It is very frequent under the name May sell grety honey. Just because the main part of buyers know what happens May " honey; and some else .

Lime, buckwheat, akatsiyevy, fragrant to a raznotravya... Each grade of honey curative, and they will not manage to be sorted by the principle the most useful .

Akatsiyevy honey, for example, has very gentle aroma, or more precisely, weak. And if bees really bore a pure acacia (the main spring melliferous herb) - such honey will be limited by tastes. The main advantage of this grade is that it very long does not crystallize.

Before purchase carry out the Test for a honey maturity , it is carried out very simply.

Take a knife or a stick in hand and you will choose the most dense honey on a counter - This honey and will be the most mature, that is the most qualitative. If honey liquid also does not keep on a knife, it is unripe. The stronger honey sits on a knife - you picked up it, reeled up, and it keeps - the better.

A half of the sold honey in cold time - grety honey. In order that honey had a trade dress - TRANSPARENT AND PURE as the buyer predstavlt to himself, the beekeeper withdraws enzymes, minerals, vitamins from there...

How to distinguish medical grety from honey negrety? It is absolutely easy

. Grety medical tickles stronger, than usual and has smack of caramel. If medical transparent in bank the bottom is also visible - you can be sure before you grety Take medical

a knife and pick up banks, medical from a surface. Grety will look very beautifully, he absolutely pure and transparent.

I think that this picture when, buying medical and trying it from a knife is familiar to much, it is impossible to be exempted from an infinite loop. It says that before you grety medical. And if medical not up to the end cooled down and temperature of honey in bank was not up to the end made even to air temperature, then it will be unnaturally liquid.

Finally it would be desirable to tell some facts about honey .

Know that natural qualitative honey is actually more sweet, than sugar.

Eat honey in a zakristallizovanny look because it is eleven months in a year in such look.

For this reason to take all most useful from honey, it is necessary to eat and love it in the form in which the nature gives you.