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The berry first-aid kit

At any diseases connected with adjournment of salts it is very useful to eat wild berries.

COWBERRY - remarkable means for treatment of gout. It is useful to eat berries of cowberry in any kind, it is also possible to prepare tea from a cowberry leaf: a teaspoon of leaves to fill in 1,5 glasses of boiled water, to insist, having wrapped up, hour and to drink on a half-glass 3 - 4 times a day according to the scheme: To drink 4 days, 4 days a break.

But is the best of all for prevention and treatment of adjournment wild STRAWBERRY approaches - it is the real well of useful substances! The wild strawberry normalizes any kinds of an exchange, regulates digestion and pressure, cleans kidneys and promotes removal of sand and stones from an uric and gall bladder. Its ferruterous connections are easily soaked up by an organism, and thanks to lime and alkali it can even replace with itself some mineral waters. Wild strawberry berries, especially if them are fresh during a season, will protect you from any articulate illnesses, and tea from dried young leaves and roots perfectly cleans blood.

I Skin wild strawberry as a prophylactic eat on an empty stomach 2 - 3 times a day or, on the contrary, several hours later after food at first on 100 g, then every day is 100 g more, and so

to taste. To store in the cold place.

JUICE FROM the NETTLE. To wash out young leaves of a nettle warm water, to cast away on a colander. After water flows down, a nettle to crush and wring out juice which can about - be pasteurized and rolled up in Biao to and

JUICE FROM the PLANTAIN. To wash out young leaves cold water, to cast away on a colander, to pass via the meat grinder and to wring out juice. Further - as krapivny.

JUICE FROM the JUNIPER. To knead fruits so that not to damage stones which Uda is better previously -

bringing total amount to 2 - 2,5 kg in a day. However, even in the summer hardly anyone - that is able to afford such extravagance therefore even 4 - 7 tablespoons of wild strawberry on an empty stomach daily perfectly help at gout and other manifestations of adjournment of salts.

Pick berries after or to dew, leaves and stalks during blossoming, roots dig out in the early spring or in the fall. Period of storage of dried berries and leaves - 2 years, roots - 3 years.

is Not less effective also tea from dried berries of wild strawberry: 3 tablespoons to draw

in 3 glasses of boiled water, to drink on a glass 3 -

4 times a day. For the winter the wild strawberry can be prepared as follows: to dig out all plant during blossoming with flowers and green berries, to rinse roots from the earth and to dry up in a shadow. To keep in a usual linen bag. To make, insist 10 - 15 minutes and to drink as tea.