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Time of changes

Each unmarried woman knows that in the summer the number of men, free and ready to adventures, whose wives have a rest at dachas / in Turkey / in French riviera sharply increases. About that from where summer bachelors undertake and as with them to be, the psychologist, the author of books " tells; Psychology of love and sex and Deception Art professor Yury Shcherbatykh.

Tamara spent three weeks to that summer at the dacha with twins. The house was comfortable, nearby the small river so time went imperceptibly and her life as well as your life went remarkably. When she for several days arrived to the city - to wash clothes and to stock up with products, at first did not notice anything unusual in the husband. He joyfully met her and children, they perfectly spent evening. Next day, when the husband was in a bathtub, on its mobile in a row two sms came. Tamara mechanically opened the first, and the person became hot at once, and heart began to fight in a breast. It was very intimate message from the woman. Tamara jerked a door in a bathroom and threw the mobile phone in the spouse. Then there was a grandiose scandal, tears, mutual recriminations etc. She took away children and went for the dacha. Next day there the husband came tearing along, and with great difficulty they reconciled. However the former relations did not return to a family any more.

would Seem, the best time - summer. Warmly, around greens, it is possible to bathe and eat fresh fruit. Ah, glorious summer, I would love you when not dust, not heat, not mosquitoes yes of a fly - Pushkin in the 19th century wrote, and psychologists in a century present found one more summer misfortune - increase in quantity of adulteries.

Summer changes can be born also at the psychological level, but most often have a physiological basis. The traditional reasons - a sexual dissatisfaction of one of spouses from - for the lowered partner`s potentiality, sexual abstinence from - for temporary separations, different rhythms of sexual activity, decrease in a libido at the husband from - for stresses etc.

in the Summer most often hot and always light-. High temperature and a large number of a sunlight increase the level of sex hormones. People wear open clothes, showing the body and watch it more: clean excess fat, sunbathe, put on beautiful

bathing suits. Well, and at this time it is simpler to throw off clothes - it simply much less, than in the winter. Thus, in the summer the organism has higher level of sexual readiness. However, without psychological readiness of change can not occur. Though we tell

about male incorrectness, but men not with each other (though it happens) change therefore in this question not to do without discussion of female psychology. At the weaker sex of change for the psychological reasons are more frequent, than on physiological - women are more exacting to words, attention signs, preliminary caress and we designate to trifles from the point of view of men. To feel the fullest pleasure from sex, the woman has to feel if not darling then desired.

What can push the woman in embraces of other man? List of motives long: if the husband does not try to satisfy adequately the wife in a bed if he is rough and cold in communication if it is inattentive to the wife if it is avaricious if it is uninteresting In these cases in a matrimonial bed another can take its place - more gentle and attentive.

A we will return to men now and it is representable a standard situation when the spouse goes with children for the dacha, leaving in the city of the hubby on economy .

becomes the First evening critical. Having come back from work to the empty apartment, the man remembers the bachelorhood and understands that now he had a chance again to test such value as freedom.

Brevity of separation pushes the man to resolute actions even more, it is overflowed by impatience and passion. He needs to manage to enjoy this freedom, lack of control and an opportunity to do what was absolutely forbidden before.

Any adult man in such conditions turns into the boy who got for half an hour to the toy store left by adults: there is a wish to try them everything or even to break. And business even not in strong desire, and that earlier it was forbidden and then will not give.

In order that the man has no a ball at once after departure of the wife, first of all separation should not be very long. The critical period of abstention at men (depending on the level of their sexual activity) - from two to five weeks. Further the physiology prevails, and it becomes more difficult for man to control the libido. So it is desirable for the wife time in one and a half - two weeks to meet the husband. Sex after such abstention turns out very bright and emotional, after it separation, in - the first, is transferred easier, and in - the second, is filled with pleasant memories.

Some men consider that short-term and rare changes are not so bad that they even strengthen marriage as bring novelty in the relations of spouses.