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How to give birth to the child and to keep a beautiful breast?

Occur opinion that pregnancy, childbirth and feeding by a breast worsen a shape of a female breast. For many women fear of the fact that their breast after the delivery will turn in spaniel ears becomes even a cause of failure from a child-bearing.

Actually the correct care of a breast during pregnancy and special physical exercises will allow you not only to keep a former elastic form of a bust, but even to improve it.

During pregnancy and a lactation it is very important not to allow to stretch to Cooper`s teams . These sheaves hold a shape of a female breast and if they remain in the primitive state, then it already guarantees you preservation of a beautiful breast at least for 80%. In order that Cooper`s teams did not stretch - wear special bras for pregnant women and feeding.

These bras are at the same time elastic and elastic, and thanks to it will not allow a breast to increase too strongly during pregnancy and a lactation. And when the breast nevertheless will increase, its weight will create load of the supporting bra design, but not on internal ligaments of a mammary gland. Begin to wear such bra at once as soon as you became pregnant and do not take off it neither in the afternoon, nor at night. After you stop nursing, do not stop to wear such bra until your breast does not take that form and the size what it possessed before pregnancy.

The second trouble which can happen to your breast during pregnancy and a lactation is an emergence of of extensions on it - stry . To prevent their emergence, from the first day of pregnancy twice a day rub any moisturizing cream in skin of a breast. It is not obligatory to buy expensive breast creams. Even usual olive oil will give good effect.

If extensions on your breast everything is appeared - do not despair. Begin to rub in them mummies. It is possible to buy mummies in tablets, to part them in cream or in olive oil and to rub in a breast. And it is possible to take the ready cream containing mummies. I, for example, took in a drugstore cream from scars which and was called: Sea-buckthorn and mummy . This cheap means very much helped me.

The third moment which does not need to be missed if you want to be the happy owner of curvy and elastic shapes is physical exercises . If you are not forbidden by your doctor, even during pregnancy it is necessary to carry out such exercise daily: raise hands against the breast level, elbows in the parties, fingers pointing in different directions finger-tips of one hand press on finger-tips of other hand, fingers look from you. Press strongly - strongly and keep tension within a minute. Try to experience breast muscles.

After the delivery at once as soon as your gynecologist allows you physical activities, begin to be wrung out. At first from a wall, then from a floor from knees, then from a floor classically. Do 60 otzhim a day. No matter, for how many approaches you will gather this quantity of otzhim - in the beginning you can do 20 approaches during the day on 3 extraction, but the effect all the same will not keep itself waiting long!

Conforming to these simple rules, you will be able to give rise and bring up the kid without harm for the bust! And you remember the main thing - patience, persistence and a regularity you can reach everything that you will wish.