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Whether there are hypoallergenic cats?

Presently, especially in the large industrial cities, the real scourge never became allergic manifestations at children as however and at adults, having an allergy earlier. If ten years ago to get a kitten in the house where the kid appeared, was considered as norm, then now in medical tests as the most powerful allergen there is at number of many others also a cat`s wool.

Often at appearance of the kid in the house already there live a cat or a dog. And here - an allergy at the child, and on wool of the general favourite. As a result parents, grandmothers and grandfathers should choose between health of darling and long-awaited child and fluffy pets, living side by side with them there are a lot of years, the become real family member Of course, most often the choice appears in favor of wellbeing of the child.

But whether there is actually to the child for the good an absence in the house of animals? It is well-known that education of the kid in a family where there are pets, happens the most successful. The child growing together with a kitten at early age gets a sense of responsibility, it much more kontakten also is less aggressive, than peers who grow without canine friends.

What to do? How to solve a dilemma: to provide to the child full development near a pet and at the same time to remove the cause of emergence of allergic reactions? An exit is. Though cat`s wool is also considered strong allergen, in this situation it is possible to recommend to hold a cat. The matter is that now selectors removed already a set of breeds not only short-haired, but also at all bald cats. And all of them - are hypoallergenic.

Bald cats at most of people are associated with various sphinxes, and therefore do not cause big enthusiasm. Really, a sphinx - a kitty that is called on the fan. Appearance of these nonhairy cats is very original: large ears, convex glazishch and folds, quite unpleasant for fans of fluffy pets, on naked pink skin. Meanwhile, the Canadian sphinxes differ in inquisitiveness, ingenuity and big attachment to the house and the people living row. At these cats quite good appetite and quite decent health if to protect them from drafts and colds. So a hypoallergenic Canadian sphinx - quite suitable option of a pet.

However if it is impossible to overcome rejection too original appearance - that and it is not necessary, we will find other option. There are also other short-haired cat breeds with the same advantages, as at absolutely bald sphinxes, but not so extreme externally. For example, Devon - reksa. These lovely creatures, though remind the Canadian sphinxes, have the soft silky hair lying beautiful waves. They have quite large ears and round eyes which are allocated on a small sweet muzzle too. Kitties of breed Devon - Rex very quiet, tender and affectionate.

Even more habitual for fans usual appearance breed the Ural Rex has cats the Russian origin. Hair of these cats also very short, but they look already frankly curly and not bald. Ears absolutely small in comparison with two previous hypoallergenic breeds, and here eyes too big, but a refined almond-shaped form. In a word, the Ural Rex is the real handsome moreover and the clear head. These cats are very bright and mobile, but at the same time differ in not persistence and sensitivity. Not to find the best canine friend!