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Tasty recipes of desserts, quickly and simply

Author: Yulia Maskayeva, book 500 romantic dinners

" cream; Tasty dessert


Ingredients - 8 pieces, champagne - 400 g, sugar - 200 g, cream which is shaken up - 100 g, gelatin - 40 g, water boiled - 200 g

Gelatin part the Way of preparation

with warm boiled water (100 g). Eggs accurately break, proteins separate from yolks. In the enameled pan connect 5 egg yolks to 3 proteins, add sugar, all carefully pound, put on a steam bathtub and, stirring slowly, heat 3 - 5 minutes.

remove the Pan in fire, add champagne, the remained water, again put on a steam bath and when stirring bring mix to solidification. Add the divorced gelatin, stirring slowly, heat mix within 3 minutes, then cool, having put on

of 20 minutes to the cool place. The remained egg whites are beaten the mixer in hard foam and added to the prepared mix. Then small portions enter whipped cream, all carefully mix.

spread Ready cream in a form and put to the cool place for 5 - 6 hours.

" Cream; Creamy

Ingredients Cream of 30% fat content - 300 g, icing sugar - 100 g, egg whites - 2 pieces

Egg whites connect the Way of preparation

and a half icing sugar and shake up the mixer. Add whipped cream, all carefully mix, display on molds, strew with the remained icing sugar and give to a table.

Cream - to the bryula Snow White

Ingredients Yolks egg - 6 pieces, cream of 30% fat content - 600 g, icing sugar - 100 g, sugar - 100 g, vanillin - 10 g, water boiled - 100 g

Yolks pound the Way of preparation

with icing sugar and vanillin before emergence of white foam. Cream warms up, connects to yolks, all carefully mix and pass the received weight through a sieve in thin metal ware. Capacity put on a baking sheet, filling in it previously small amount of water and place in the oven warmed to 160 C for 30 minutes. Ready cream is cooled.

For fondant preparation dissolve sugar in boiled water and cook on slow fire when stirring within 10 - 15 minutes.

water the Cooled cream with fondant and put to the cool place for 3 - 4 hours.

" Cream; Apricot with walnuts

Ingredients Apricots - 10 pieces, cream which is shaken up - 300 g, sugar - 200 g, walnuts - 100 g, gelatin - 20 g

Apricots wash the Way of preparation

, drench with boiled water, accurately husk, delete stones and put pulp in a pan. Pour sugar, leave for 1,5 hours, then mix and cook on weak fire to a softening. The received mashed potatoes is cooled and wiped through a sieve.

fill in Gelatin with boiled water, leave for 20 minutes, filter, and then enter into whipped cream, carefully mix and connect to apricot mashed potatoes.

spread Ready cream in a form, cool within 2 hours, strew with the crushed walnuts and give to a table.

" Cream; Pineapple

Ingredients Pineapple - 1 piece, cream of 30% fat content - 500 g, sugar - 200 g, icing sugar - 200 g, water boiled - 250 g, the chocolate crushed - 3 tablespoons.

Pineapple wash the Way of preparation, clear, cut pulp in cubes and fill in with boiled water. Add sugar, all mix and cook on weak fire when stirring within 15 - 20 minutes. The received weight is wiped through a sieve and left in the cool place for 2 - 3 hours.

shake up Cream with icing sugar, connect to pineapple mashed potatoes, all carefully mix and spread in a form. Cream is put to the cool place for 2 - 3 hours, before giving to a table decorated with the crushed chocolate.

of the Blancmange Surprise

Ingredients Milk - 1 l, cream of 30% fat content - 400 g, rice flour - 150 g, sugar - 300 g, walnuts crushed - 200 g, a dried peel lemon crushed - 1 h a spoon, a nutmeg on a knife tip.

Flour part the Way of preparation

in 100 ml of cold milk, add 400 more ml of milk and all carefully mix.

connect the Remained milk to cream and bring to boiling. Add to this weight dairy - flour mix and, stirring slowly, cook on weak fire within 10 - 15 minutes. Add the crushed walnuts, sugar, a dried peel, a nutmeg and cook before solidification.

spread the Ready dessert in a form and cool within 2 - 3 hours.

of the Blancmange Dairy - almond

Ingredients Milk - 1,5 l, almonds sweet crushed - 300 g, almonds bitter crushed - 50 g, sugar - 200 g, icing sugar - 100 g, gelatin - 20 g, water boiled - 600 g

Sweet and bitter almonds mix the Way of preparation

, add a little milk and sugar. The remained milk is warmed up to 50 - 60 C, poured in almond weight and leave Gelatin on 1 hour

part with warm boiled water (1 glass), brought to boiling, add the remained amount of water and all carefully mix. Gelatinous mix is poured out in dairy - almond mix, mixed, filtered. Then, stirring slowly, heat on weak fire within 5 - 10 minutes. The ready blancmange is spread in a form and placed in the cool place for 3 - 4 hours. Before giving to a table the dessert is strewed with icing sugar.